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After-Sale Property Management in Cyprus.

After-Sale Property Management in Cyprus

It is not an easy task to purchase an apartment or house abroad. However, it is much more challenging to keep its proper technical condition and legal origin, especially if you do not plan to change your permanent residence. If you are interested in managing rentals and real estate in Cyprus, contact P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. We have 18+ years of experience in the market and know all the details of local legislation to provide financial and legal safety for your transactions. Our company is the biggest developer, which makes it easy to solve technical issues related to real estate in Cyprus. 

We offer the following range of services. 

  1. Turnkey construction of real estate. 
  2. Repair of housing. 
  3. Unique projects for landscape and interior design. 
  4. Management of rentals in Cyprus.
  5. Resale of commercial and residential property. 
  6. Surveillance and insurance. 

In addition, we know how to make management of rentals and private housing abroad easy and convenient. If you would like to move to Cyprus or open a business there, you can seek professional assistance from an experienced developer. We also help those who are willing to purchase a house or apartment for obtaining EU citizenship or passive income from rent. 

Property management in Cyprus

You can entrust our experts with the issues related to maintaining the proper technical condition of your house or apartment. We also provide real estate insurance in Cyprus, personal health insurance for owners, maintenance of private property and shared areas, assistance in purchasing and reselling. Experts from P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. have significant experience and qualification to ensure the operation of engineering systems of a house or apartment in Cyprus, as well as control the timely coverage of necessary expenses. Providing real estate management services, we keep detailed reports and regularly provide them to the client. 

Landscaping and gardening

Our company will assist you in purchasing a house or villa in Cyprus, as well as turning the property into real paradise. The team of P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. includes a landscape designer who will visit your site to assess its characteristics and prepare several landscaping solutions. When developing a project, we take into account all client's preferences and the purpose of real estate (commercial or residential). 

Interior design

Our employees undertake not only landscaping, which involves the design of lawns, flower beds, greenhouses, garden paths, small architectural forms, but also interior design of your house or apartment. We appoint the best experts who will be able to convey your personality in a unique design project using modern interior trends. 

Rent and resale

You can also entrust employees of P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. with management of rentals in Cyprus. According to local legislation, you can only rent a house with the help of realtors or other specialized agencies. Even if you are outside of Cyprus, you can be sure that your real estate and material assets are completely safe. We will help you profitably resell a house or apartment, if there is such a need. Years of experience in the market granted us an extensive base of partners and investors, among which we will quickly find a worthy buyer.