Apartments in Limassol: To Rent or To Purchase

Apartments in Limassol: To Rent or To Purchase

Limassol is an extremely popular city in Cyprus among tourists and soon-to-be residents for its pleasant climate, rich culture and history, as well as impressive prospects for an interesting holiday, comfortable living, and successful business. That's why purchasing and renting real estate in Limassol always remains in high demand. If you consider moving to Cyprus or spending a holiday in the Mediterranean, we recommend you to choose Limassol located in the South of the Republic. 

Why is Limassol perfect for a holiday?

This city has a very developed infrastructure and a high level of safety. Real estate in Limassol is always in great demand in part of renting apartments, villas, cottages, and small summer bungalows. The local market is quite diverse and adaptable so you can easily find options to rent. Tourists can look for a luxury villa on the red line with private access to the sea, as well as a comfortable house in the city center where people never sleep. There is also a wide choice of real estate in the middle price segment to meet any need. 

Tourists are also attracted by the mild climate of Limassol and the beauty of the local nature. The swimming season lasts from May to November in this part of Cyprus. Clean volcanic sand and a shallow descent into the water make the beaches of Limassol a real catch for comfort lovers, vacationers with children, and senior tourists who are not ready for extreme overloads for the sake of coveted sunbaths. The southern city of Cyprus also offers a unique opportunity to spend time at the ski resort. There is a nature reserve-resort Trodos near Limassol. It offers 5 ski trails of different lengths and complexity, as well as all the necessary services for a comfortable active holiday. The ski and snowboard season is open from December to April. You can spend the rest of the time in Trodos enjoying the cleanest air and conquering the picturesque hiking trails. There are also many programs for exciting cycling trips. 

Limassol is also famous for a wide range of entertainment spots. Young tourists choose water parks, amusement parks, zoos, and centers with theatrical scientific performances. Adult tourists are attracted by iconic sites of Limassol:

  • Amathus Ruins at Acropolis Hill and the Temple of Aphrodite;
  • Theatre museum;
  • Aliki Limassol, a complex network of wetlands;
  • Drama, opera, and ballet theaters;
  • Archaeological and medieval museum;
  • Ayia Napa Cathedral of the XIX century. 

There is also a large number of shopping and entertainment centers, boutiques, salons, restaurants, and night clubs open in the South of Cyprus. 

Limassol: life and work

Many clients who dream of moving to Cyprus permanently choose this southern city. Limassol is considered the second most populous city (100,000 inhabitants) so you will never feel alone. A tenth of the population is Russian-speaking citizens, so it is easiest to adapt to the new conditions and get acquainted with the customs of Cyprus in Limassol. 

Another important advantage of the region is developed medicine and education. Limassol has the widest choice of English- and Russian-speaking private schools, as well as hundreds of clinics and hospitals with an excellent level of service. Here you can get a decent education to enter prestigious European universities, living a life without worrying about healthcare issues. 

The southernmost city of Cyprus is not only a tourist attraction but a business hub. There are more than 300 different companies in Limassol. It also includes 60 shipping companies with an impressive turnover and one of the biggest European fleets. Cyprus has a good geographical position positively affecting its economic life, especially in Limassol. 

Limassol: business prospects

This southern city attracts many investors willing to get a stable source of income. Purchasing cheap apartments in Limassol, you can successfully rent them out throughout the year. The tourist flow here never runs low. There are other attractive prospects for development. For example, you can build a successful business in the HoReCa or another popular industry. 

Apartments in Limassol: profitable purchase

If you are considering purchasing or renting real estate in Limassol, we suggest you check local apartments. This type of housing is less expensive than a cottage or villa and easy to maintain. The area of local apartments is many times larger than in Russia, and the quality of construction meets the highest European standards. 

If you are planning to purchase real estate in Limassol, Cyprus, for permanent residence, please check technical characteristics to install water heaters and underfloor heating systems. There is no central heating in Cyprus, and the temperature in winter sometimes drops to +1°C at night. 

Since real estate rentals in Limassol are always in demand, purchasing an apartment can be an excellent investment in a secure future. This type of housing is easier to rent to middle-class tourists prevailing on the island. 

Purchasing real estate in Limassol, you can quickly get a residence permit. Additional investments in the economy totaling EUR 2,000,000 will make you eligible for a Cyprus passport with a full range of EU benefits and rights in 6 months. 

How to buy real estate in Limassol with maximum benefit?

It is almost impossible to purchase or rent an apartment in Limassol, Cyprus, without intermediaries. The language barrier and lack of in-depth knowledge of local legislation are all to blame. If you want to purchase real estate in Limassol with the maximum benefit and guarantee of financial and legal security, contact professionals. P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. is the best choice . We are the biggest developer in the region and offer a wide choice of real estate in Limassol to meet any need, as well as a full range of related services. 

  1. Selection of an apartment or house following individual requirements. 
  2. Assistance in mortgage application. 
  3. Purchase and rent (Limassol, Cyprus).
  4. Assistance in migration issues. 
  5. Management of real estate in Limassol.
  6. Apartment design under unique projects. 

Purchasing cheap apartments on the secondary market in Limassol, you can never be completely sure of the housing legality and quality. Things are very different when you choose real estate from the developer. P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. offers high-quality apartments in Cyprus with a guarantee of its legality, taking care of all related documents and registration of title in full compliance with local legislation.