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Ventura was born on October 6, 1991 in Brazil and has been involved in the sport of volleyball since she was very young. In her career she played in eight teams and Apollon will be the ninth club where she will collaborate.

She has played in four teams in her homeland, before deciding to come to Europe in the summer of 2016, on behalf of the Italian Icom C88 Cisterna di Latina. The next season (2017/18) found her again in Italy, but in Sigel Marsala.

After Italy, he played for a year (2018/19) in Switzerland and specifically in Sm'Aesch Pfeffingen, with which he recorded impressive numbers. Most valuable player of the final cup, while with her team she won the second place, in a championship that is of a higher level than ours. In fact, he averaged 24 points in the league. He also played in the CEV Cup with the Swiss team, where he reached the quarterfinals, with Ventura averaging 20.30 points.

Last season he found her in Hungary and in the Jászberény Volleyball Team, where the championship was never completed due to the pandemic, but she made impressive appearances.

So, the new season will find her in our team and we are very happy for that. We wish Jessica Ventura good luck and all together to lead the Apollo Property Gallery to the conquest of the dump ".