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Best Cyprus Property

Best Cyprus Property
Cyprus - a paradise in the Mediterranean

And nevertheless, there is a place in the world where all this (and much more) can be bought for money: on the small and friendly island of Cyprus, where the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was once born from sea foam. The government program "Citizenship by Investment" has been attracting thousands of wealthy Russians for many years - after all, it allows you to purchase not only a luxury villa by the sea and a European passport, but also a fundamentally different quality of life. What is included in this concept? Mediterranean climate, exemplary ecology, excellent infrastructure, ancient multinational culture, friendly attitude towards Russians from fellow Cypriot believers, reliability of financial investments, stability of legal institutions. Since Cyprus is part of the European Union, it also means freedom of movement and the right to study or do business in any European country,

Best commercial property in CyprusTo obtain Cypriot citizenship, it is necessary to invest 2 million euros in the economy of the island, of which at least 500 thousand must be spent on the purchase of residential real estate. In recent years, the Cyprus residential real estate market has focused on the elite segment, which is consistently in demand among Russians and citizens of the former CIS. For the construction industry in Cyprus, our compatriots are the second most important group of foreign investors after the British. In addition to direct financial investments in the industry, the state receives a lot of benefits - including indirect ones - in the form of taxes, an increase in turnover in the service sector, growth in employment, etc. To support non-EU citizens' demand for real estate, especially luxury real estate, the Cypriot government is constantly introducing new benefits for foreign buyers:

Real estate construction in Cyprus

The current Russian customer has become more demanding and picky, and now the best real estate builders in Cyprus are competing in the originality of architectural solutions and the attractiveness of infrastructure. Even at the construction stage, the wishes of future owners are taken into account in terms of planning, interior design and landscape design of the adjacent territory. Several years ago, urban planning regulations in Cyprus were tightened (especially with regard to seismic resistance), so that the current new buildings meet all safety requirements. For citizens from third countries, mortgage lending programs are available on very attractive terms, and residential real estate can be purchased at different stages of construction - from the pit to “call in and live”.

The best Cyprus property - in LimassolThe changes also affected the supply structure in the elite segment. For example, multifunctional residential complexes have become popular. This is a kind of “city within a city”, which, in addition to residential premises, contains gardens and parks, sports grounds, swimming pools and jacuzzis, playgrounds for children, shops, café-bars. As for the luxury segment, such a complex may include its own promenade with an equipped beach, bars and nightclubs, luxury boutiques, a yacht marina or a golf club. Buyers of real estate in such complexes are people with high incomes and a certain level of demands, which guarantees not only a comfortable living environment, but also respectable neighbors.

Best Cyprus property for Russians in Limassol

Offering the best real estate in Cyprus to Russians, developers take into account many years of experience working with this particular group of buyers and promptly respond to their requests. For example, the city of Limassol has become the unofficial capital of the Russian diaspora in Cyprus - accordingly, the most interesting projects in the field of luxury real estate (residential and commercial) are being implemented here. These are residential complexes, and the aforementioned multifunctional complexes that combine residential and commercial areas, and traditional villas with extensive land plots, and luxury apartments in the most beautiful places on the Cypriot coast.