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Best Investment in Foreign Real Estate: Cottage in Cyprus.

Best Investment in Foreign Real Estate: Cottage in Cyprus.
Many Russian citizens seek to purchase houses and apartments in the European Union not only to ensure financial stability but to obtain local citizenship. If you also set out to invest abroad, then you probably faced a challenge of choosing suitable real estate. You can get qualified help in P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. If you want to profitably invest in Cyprus, we recommend you take a closer look at cottages. They are best suited for permanent and temporary accommodation. 

Differences between cottages and other types of real estate in Cyprus

Russian citizens willing to invest in real estate in Cyprus are faced with a variety of purchase offers. The purchase of houses is one of the most popular areas for investment. This term refers to individual capital buildings with different levels of improvement, different layouts and heights. Investment in a house in Cyprus may involve the purchase of both a villa and a cottage. These types of buildings have following fundamental differences:

  • location;
  • level of improvement;
  • number of floors;
  • adjacent territory. 

Cottages considered a very profitable investment in Cyprus. They are located next to the same properties that are part of a single village. Villas can be located anywhere, even on the outskirts. Cottages are perfect for investment in Cyprus, as they have all the necessary utilities and security. As a rule, this is thought out at the stage of village construction, so the future owner will not have to spend time and effort on landscaping. The cottage area ranges from 100 to 500 sq.m. The height does not exceed 1 floor, but there are options with mansards. The difference of a villa, which can also be used as means of investment in Cyprus, is that this property can have a height of 3-4 floors, as well as private garden space. 

Why are cottages so profitable for making investments in Cyprus real estate?

Purchasing a home as an investment in Cyprus is an excellent opportunity to get a residence permit and later on the citizenship. Moreover, a cottage or other type of real estate in Cyprus is suitable for renting out. This will provide passive income at any time of the year, as the tourist flow in Cyprus never runs low due to favorable climate of the Mediterranean and natural wealth of the island. 

If you want to profitably invest in Cyprus but do not know what type of real estate to choose, then look at the cottages. They are very popular due to the following advantages. 

  1. Construction quality. All real estate in Cyprus meets high European standards, but the cottages are built with special comfort. 
  2. Wide range to choose from. You can purchase a cottage in Cyprus both in a quiet residential area and within walking distance from the coast. There are options for investment in various price categories: from economy to luxury. 
  3. Easy maintenance. The cottage will also be a good investment as it is part of the village and is always surrounded by neighbors. This means that even if you are away, you can be sure of its safety.  
  4. Easy to rent. Cottages are considered a profitable investment in real estate for those who want to earn a permanent income. Renting a small house is a typical choice of the middle class prevailing among tourists. 

It is worth remembering some of the disadvantages of cottages before investing in Cyprus. This type of property lacks architectural individuality. The second disadvantage of the cottage as a means of investment in real estate in Cyprus is the relative budget of the lease. If you want to rent housing at the maximum cost, you should choose premium real estate. 

How to choose a cottage suitable for investment in Cyprus?

If you have made such an important and responsible decision as purchasing a house abroad, then you need to think of parameters affecting the further convenience of operation and the benefits of investment in general. 

  1. Preferred area. 
  2. Location. 
  3. Developed infrastructure. 
  4. Number of rooms. 
  5. Proximity to the coast. 
  6. Available swimming pool, garden, terrace and other elements of home improvement. 

Experts of the Cyprus real estate market will help you choose the perfect option. P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd is the best choice. When purchasing a cottage in Cyprus, we recommend paying attention to such crucial factors as available solar panels, level of thermal insulation, and arrangement of the adjacent territory.  Then you will make a profitable investment in all respects. Solar panels will help you save on electricity in the summer when it is challenging to organize comfortable living conditions without air conditioning. There is no central heating in cottages in Cyprus. That's why if you want not only to make a profitable investment but also to get the opportunity for year-round living in the Republic, pay attention if there any boilers, underfloor heating, and double glazing. A covered garage will also be a plus. 

Getting the most out of investments in Cyprus: renting a cottage

Renting a cottage in Cyprus is a popular category of services among tourists. Renting housing for a day or for a long term, you can ensure financial solvency. In order not to worry about the safety of valuables, entrust the cottage management to a reliable partner in Cyprus. P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd is perfect for this. Experts will take care of the safety of your investment, ensuring proper care of the adjacent territory, timely maintenance of technical equipment and payment of mandatory bills.