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Car Rental in Cyprus

Car Rental in Cyprus
Car rental is not considered a luxury but rather an ordinary necessity in the Republic of Cyprus. Private transport provides freedom of movement and therefore is in demand among all visitors: entrepreneurs, businessmen, and tourists. If you decide to rent a car in Cyprus, you will enjoy the freedom of travel on your terms regardless of the public transport schedule. This will allow you to visit numerous places in a short time and get the get the best out of trips. 

Car rental in Cyprus is a common service. It is offered by numerous companies with different pricing policies. To make the decision on car rental beneficial and trouble-free, you need to pay attention to some of the features of this procedure. 

Features of car rental in Cyprus

The car rental market in the Republic is quite well developed, so here you can rent a car of any class and capacity: from a family hatchback to a luxury convertible. It is recommended to find a suitable transport in advance. In this case, you will get a large selection of cars for rent and take advantage of additional discounts provided for early booking. Car rental in Cyprus is very easy. You can do this via the Internet anywhere in the world or directly on the island in one of the local offices. The first method is much more convenient since it allows you to rent a car in Cyprus in advance, and prices on aggregator websites are much cheaper. You can compare different offers and choose the best one. 

The rented car can be driven directly to the airport or to the main entrance of the hotel where you are staying. If you wish, you can independently visit the pick-up point to get the rented car. 

Car rental conditions in Cyprus

Different companies have their own fuel policy. Therefore, you should learn the rules for picking-up cars in advance. Some offices provide cars rented in Cyprus with a full tank and require a return with the same amount of fuel or include its cost in the price of services. Other companies fill only part of the tank, which is already taken into account at the checkout. 

Another important condition for car rental in Cyprus is the need to make a deposit and an insurance payment. The amount set by the car owner will be blocked on your bank card and immediately refunded upon the car return. You can find a car rental office where no insurance payments are required in any city in Cyprus, but the services in such offices are more expensive. 

The following conditions shall be met to rent a car in Cyprus. 

  1. Driver's license. An international license is accepted but is not required. If you decide to rent a car in Cyprus, you can provide an old or new Russian license (laminated). It is important that personal data is indicated in the Latin alphabet. 
  2. Age from 21 years old. Some offices that offer cars for rent in Cyprus also set stricter restrictions (age from 25), but you can get around them if you take extended insurance. 
  3. 1+ years of driving experience. The car owner may require more substantial experience. Years of driving experience depend on the policy of a particular company. 

To rent a car in Cyprus, you will also need a passport and an valid bank card. 

Car rental demand in Cyprus

Most of the cars are rented during the tourist season. The top month is August. This is the period of the poorest selection of cars available for rent in Cyprus. The period from April to November is considered the summer season, and therefore there may be a shortage of available cars. To minimize the risk of getting an unsuitable vehicle, make sure you rent a vehicle in Cyprus several weeks or months before your intended a travel date. 

Car rental price

The price of car rental in Cyprus depends on various factors:

  • workload of companies and level of demand;
  • city and place of the car pick-up;
  • rental period. 

Summer offers the most expensive car rental in Cyprus. However, if you rent a car for a long period (7+ days), then the price per day can be significantly reduced. If you would like to rent a car in Cyprus, remember that some companies refuse to provide it for less than 3 days. Another feature of the local market is the calculation of the rental time. In rare cases, the rental day is not 24 hours but the period from morning to evening of one day. 

Rental car insurance

There is a kind of analog of the Russian Compulsory civil liability insurance for vehicle owners (OSAGO) in Cyprus. This means that the insurance covers possible damage caused to third parties. Sometimes the price of car rental in Cyprus also includes insurance against damage to the vehicle itself. However, it does not cover tire or underbody defects. Therefore, you should be especially careful when driving on top-soil roads. 

The insurance expires in two cases:

  • the driver was driving in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • the car was damaged while in Northern Cyprus (part of the Republic controlled by the Turkish authorities). 

Car rental companies in Cyprus often prohibit driving to the TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). This is due precisely to the lack of insurance. However, it is impossible to verify the actual compliance with this requirement. 

Features of traffic rules in Cyprus

The main difference is left-hand traffic. This shall be taken into account when choosing a car. Even if you drive a mechanical transmission at home, it is better to rent a car with an automatic transmission in Cyprus, as this will minimize the driving inconvenience. 

The quality of the roads and markings will delight any driver. All motorways are toll-free, which is also an advantage of Cyprus over other EU countries. It is worth remembering the speed limits when traveling around the Republic:

  • 50 km/h for city roads;
  • 65-80 km/h for country roads;
  • 100 km/h for motorways. 

In Cyprus, it is unofficially allowed to exceed the speed limit of 100 km/h but it is better not to risk. You should also remember that there are high fines for traffic violations in the Republic. It is prohibited to drive:

  • without seatbelt fastened (EUR 85 fine);
  • while being on the phone (EUR 85 fine);
  • while having a meal or a drink;
  • while throwing garbage and cigarette butts out of the window;
  • under alcoholic intoxication with indicators exceeding 0.3 ppm (EUR 200 fine). 

Cyprus is considered one of the safest countries in the European Union. There are 7.5 road accidents per 10 thousand people. According to this indicator, Cyprus is second after Denmark. Almost every local resident has his own car and strictly observes traffic rules. The only exceptions are motorcyclists who sometimes cause discomfort to other road users. Cars rented in Cyprus are equipped with a red license plate. Local residents can immediately distinguish foreigners and take into account their inexperience. The rest traffic rules are similar to those in force in other European countries. 

Gas stations and prices in Cyprus

The manager of the rental office will tell you how to refuel a car rented in Cyprus. The prices for fuel in the Republic are practically the same at all gas stations. The cost of gasoline is cheaper than in Greece but is more expensive than in Turkey. However, the pricing policy differs little from other EU countries. The cost of one liter of gasoline A-95 is EUR 0.968 (data valid as of May 2020).

There is a shortage of gas stations in some regions of Cyprus, so it is better to refuel the car in advance. And although the cost of the residual gasoline will not be compensated upon the car return, it is better to overpay than to think about how to get to the nearest gas station. 

Parking in Cyprus

There are both free and paid parking in the Republic. Free parking lots are mainly located near shops and restaurants. Paid parking lots can be recognized by the presence of a checkpoint or valet parking. The cost of parking in such places is from EUR 0.5 per hour. 

You can park in Cyprus only in the course of movement. It is forbidden to stop in areas with yellow markings at the curb, as it is intended for public or corporate vehicles. The fine for breaking this rule is EUR 85. 

Rental tips 

If you decide to rent a car in Cyprus, pay attention to available climate control and air conditioning. This is important as it is quite hot in the Republic most of the year. When choosing a car, try to give up low-powered cars with a 1.1-1.2 liter engine. They are difficult to drive in the mountains, especially when the air conditioner is on. The minimum engine volume should be 1.4-1.6 liters. 

When accepting a car rented in Cyprus, inspect the body and interior for damage. It is better to record everything. Remarks can be entered in the inspection card attached to the contract. When returning a rented car, it is also worth recording the entire exterior to avoid possible claims in the future. 

Once you get your rental car, do not rush to immediately enter the busy highways of the city. Try driving in a quiet area with few oncoming vehicles. 

How to get the most out of your trip?

The Republic of Cyprus is considered small in size, and it is quite possible to travel around it in 14 days. Tourists rent cars for the convenience of travel. You can also book a tour with a personal guide to see the places beyond tourist guides. If you rent a car in Cyprus for individual trips, you can use the free smartphone apps with a navigator. This will help you quickly find the shortest way to your destination and not wander around the Republic in search of gas stations, hotels, cafes, and restaurants.