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Champions night: Wins for Robo Markets AEL, Olympiada N. and Property Gallery Apollon

Property Gallery Apollo

Robo Markets AEL, Olympiada N. and Property Gallery Apollon won and the situation remained unchanged. Robo Markets AEL "recounted" the defeat by the Property Gallery Apollon, winning 3-0 at the Avgorou Technical School the UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou and watching AEK and the derby with Anorthosis. Olympiada N. prevailed over Lemesos Volleyball 3-0 in "NEAPOLI - BACK" and was within breathing distance of the first place. Besides, in a match that started impressively, Property Gallery Apollon beat AEK 3-0 at "APOLLON ARENA" and continued the victories.

* In the 8th game, Anorthosis had a break.

"Furious" again in the victories

AVGOROU TECHNICAL SCHOOL: UCLan Cyprus THOI AVGOROU - Robo Markets AEL 0-3 (10-25, 08-25, 14-25)

Robo Markets AEL, playing very seriously and "fiercely", won the UCLan Cyprus THII Avgorou at the Avgorou Technical School with 0-3 sets and remained at the top with 15 points. The "blue and yellows" of Stelios Masias returned to victories after the defeat by Property Gallery Apollon and turn their attention to the matches with AEK on Saturday in a postponed match and the derby with Anorthosis next Tuesday at the Sports Center "NIKOS SOLOMON" for in the 9th game, UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou was left at the bottom without a point.

The Limassol team was very effective and was not threatened by the ambitious team of Avgoros, which they won in one hour of play. The sets were 10-25, 08-25 and 14-25. UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou competed without the injured libero Irini Zymaraki.

UCLan Cyprus THOI AVGOROU (D. ZYMARAKIS): Efstathiou, Antoniou, Christou, Stratigaki, Eir. Luke, Michael, - Change: Eir. Charalambous.

Robo Markets AEL (ST. MASIAS): Pavlou, Spyrou, Pechlivani, Stedile, Katsounotou, Da Silva- Libero 1: Kokki, Libero 2: Konstantinou - Changes: Gryban - Stefanidi, E. Panagiotou, C. Kyprlianou.

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Olympiada N. confirmed the title of favorite by beating Lemesos Volleyball in the 8th game of the OPAP Women's Division A championship with 3-0 in "NEAPOLI - BACK" and remains in 2nd place with 14 points. The Olympics won an hour of Lemesos Volleyball that they tried. The presence of Ioanna Leonidou was a highlight of the match. The Olympics had a very good start winning the first two sets 25-11 and 25-13 in 17 'and 22' respectively. In the third set, Lemesos Volleyball reacted and led 03-04, but Olympiada escaped 09-06. The refugee team led 21-10 to win 25-12 in 20 'and the match with 3-0 sets.

NEAPOLEOS OLYMPIA (G. NIKOLAKIS): Donchuk, Manitarou, Leonidou, Mudritskaya, Cudworth ,, Hudima - Libero: Kouta - Changes: Charalambidou, Siagia, Christoforidou.

LEMESOS VOLLEYBALL (A. SPYROU): Konstantinidou, Azevedo, Laspou, Summer, Bojianou - Libero: Michael - Changes: Sidera, Siskou.

After the derby… walk to Property Gallery Apollo

"APOLLON ARENA": Property Gallery APOLLON - AEK 3-0 (33-31, 25-12, 25-11)

The match of the day Property Gallery Apollon - AEK for the 8th match, the first of the 2nd Round of the regular season of the OPAP A Women's Championship, started with the best conditions, but in the end Property Gallery Apollon easily "cleared" the match. In the first set, a big game took place with the Limassol team winning after 39 'match with 33-31. In the next two sets, the "blues" were significantly superior and won in 44 '. After the 3-0 victory, the "Amazons" are two points behind the top. On the other hand, AEK made a great effort in the first set, but did not last long staying in 5th place.

The first set was impressive and a derby ... from the old ones. After a "battle" 39 ', the "blues" won 33-31 and were ahead with 1-0 sets.

In the second set, the players of G. Giapanis were better and after 10-08 they constantly increased the difference that reached the levels of 21-10 to win 25-12 in 23 ', increasing the score to 2-0 sets.

In the third set, Limassol led 09-03, controlling the match again with coach G. Giapanis watching on his bench and using Symeou, Simanovski, Hatzilampri and Efstathiou. AEK tried but Property Gallery Apollon increased the difference to be imposed with 25-11 in 21 'winning with 3-0 sets.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Ventura Lavruk, Ripnaya, D. Konstantinou, Iordanous, Lambrou - Libero: Zakhaiou. - Changes: Symeou, Simanovski, Chatzilampri, Efstathiou.

AEK (S. TSAGGARIDOU): Hatzipetrou, LeMay, Stylianou, Ulumberashvili, Charalambous, Dimitriou - Libero: Mosfilioti - Changes: Antoniou, Ioannou.

Postponed matches and derbies The OPAP Women's A Division Championship continues on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, where the big Robo Markets AEL - Anorthosis derby will take place at the "NIKOS SOLOMONIDIS" Sports Center in Limassol as part of the 9th round. The Limassol derby Lemesos Volleyball - Property Gallery Apollon will take place at the Lyceum of Polemidia. However, on Saturday, December 12, the postponed matches for the 4th match UCLan Cyprus THII Avgorou - Olympiada N. at the Technical School of Avgorou at 17:00 and Robo Markets AEL - AEK at the Sports Center "NIKOS SOLOMONIDIS" also at 17:00.

After the completion of the 8th match, the score was as follows:

  1. Robo Markets AEL (6) 15-05 15
  2. Olympiada N. (6) 16-06 14
  3. Property Gallery Apollo (5) 14-04 13
  4. Anorthosis (4) 08-06 06
  5. AEK (5) 04-13 03
  6. Lemesos Volleyball (6) 03-15 02
  7. UCLan Cyprus ΘΟΙ Αυγόρου (4) 01-12 00