Cypriot Passport Validity

Cypriot Passport Validity
The main document certifying the identity of a citizen in each country has a limited validity period and requires timely replacement. Cyprus is no exception. Local passports are changed once every 10 years. To get a new identity card instead of the one that expires, simply contact the nearest Embassy of the Republic. 

How to get a Cypriot passport?

Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus allows you to obtain all rights and freedoms to study, work, and live in the EU, as well as travel freely in 156 countries. If you are thinking about getting a Cypriot passport, consider the state investment program. You will get a chance to obtain citizenship in 6 months without language and history exams. To become an eligible applicant, it is enough to invest EUR 2,000,000 or above in the local economy. And you do not need to permanently reside in the Republic before or after the citizenship application, and the investment itself can be returned in 5 years. 

Wealthy Russians most often choose to purchase commercial or residential real estate among all possible options for obtaining a Cypriot passport by investment. An apartment, cottage or villa on the Mediterranean coast provides unique opportunities for a comfortable stay at any time of the year and passive income when rented out. 

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When you get a Cypriot passport by investment, you should remember to pay EUR 5,000 of the state fee, EUR 10,000 of commission fees for each adult participant of the program and EUR 3,500 for each minor. 
How to get a new Cypriot passport if the previous one has expired?

The passport of the Republic of Cyprus is valid for 10 years. When it expires, you shall replace the invalid document with a new one. If the passport of the Republic of Cyprus is no longer valid, you need to prepare the following documents to get a new one:

  1. Certificate of naturalization. 
  2. One photo for a Cypriot passport.
  3. Application form. 
  4. Previous Cypriot passport. 

If you lost a previously issued document, you need to file a police report and attach its copy to the above set of documents. 

Applications for renewal of the Cypriot passport are submitted only in person since you are required to provide biometric data. To undergo this procedure, you can contact the Consulate or any Civil Registry and Migration Department of the Republic. It will take 1 month to get a new passport via Consulate. When applying to the local Civil Registry and Migration Department, you can obtain a passport in 2 weeks. Only Nicosia offers the fast procedure (from a few hours to 1 day). 

Cyprus has suspended its citizenship-by-investment program, in its current form, effective from 1 November 2020.