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Languages & Public Holidays 2017

Spoken Languages

Greek is the main language spoken formally in the south and Turkish in the northern region of Cyprus. The Cypriot dialect also exists which still survives in the Greek Cypriots' daily informal communication. For instance, Greek Cypriots use the Cypriot dialect to communicate with each other, but in writing, Greek is reverently used instead. The Cypriot dialect is not taught at schools, hence evelved and survived from mouth to mouth through the centuries, being a mixture mainly deriving from the ancient Greek dialects, and in addition to that, Frankish, Latin, Turkish, English and modern Greek, but overly corrupted the last century by the greek Katharevousa and definitely the modern Greek. 

Before 1974 a large percentage of the Turkish Cypriot population could speak the Cypriot dialect and several Greek Cypriots could speak Turkish as well. The division of the two communities, following the turkish intervention of 1974 resulted in the discontinuation of mutual language understanding and learning. Nowadays, neither Turkish is taught in Greek Cypriot public education, nor Greek is taught in the Turkish Cypriot public education.

Beyond the abovementioned languages and dialect, English is widely spoken, but for the past few years, Russian is also well spoken within the tourism industry, following the necessity to correspond with better quality of services towards the island visitors' demands. In the northern part controlled by Turkey foreign languages are fairly spoken, due to the poor educational system provided by the less wealthy Turkish Cypriot community.


Cyprus Public Holidays 2017

The below listed days are non-working days in the Republic of Cyprus for the current year. During national holidays all public services, private enterprises, banks and shops are closed, though some shops and certain companies at the beachfront are working (such as the numerous 24-hour convenience stores). The banks are closed during Easter Tuesday but are open on the Easter Eve. 

  • 1 January - New Year’s Day
  • 6 January - Epiphany
  • 27 February - Green Monday
  • 25 March - Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Greek 1821 Revolution Anniversary
  • 1 April - Beginning of the EOKA Struggle Anniversary
  • 14 April - Orthodox Good Friday
  • 15 April - Orthodox Good Saturday
  • 16 April - Orthodox Easter
  • 17 April - Orthodox Easter Monday
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • 5 June - Whit Monday or Pentecost Monday
  • 15 August - Assumption of Mary
  • 1 October - Republic of Cyprus Independence Day
  • 28 October - Greek "ΟΧΙ" Anniversary
  • 25 December - Christmas
  • 26 December - Christmas following Day (Boxing Day)

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