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Cyprus Visa & Passport

Travelling documents and entry

If you wish to travel to Cyprus, a valid passport is required for a stay of up to 90 days. This is applicable for all tourists except for the citizens of the European Union countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, who may enter Cyprus with their national identity card.

Most non-EU third country nationals require a visa. The latter includes Russia, ChinaLebanon and others (view the full list).

The legal points of entry into Cyprus are Larnaca and Paphos airports as well as the ports of Larnaca, Limassol (Lemesos), Latsi and Paphos. Entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus via any other port or airport in which the Government of the Republic does not exercise effective control (Turkish occupied areas) is illegal.


Types of common Cyprus visa


Category C Visa (Short-stay, Travel Visa, Multiple-entry Visa)


The short-stay Cyprus visa is issued for one or several visits. You may obtain this visa if you are travelling to the Republic of Cyprus for reasons other than immigration, and your visit does not exceed 90 days.

Travel Visa

The travel visa gives you the right for a continuous visit or several visits to Cyprus. The duration of visits in total should not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.

Multiple-entry Visa

If you need to travel to Cyprus often (for business etc.) it is possible to get a multiple-entry visa for several visits. The total duration of your stay should not exceed 90 days in any 180-day period. The multiple-entry Cyprus visa is valid for one year.

Multiple-entry visa requires 10-15 days from the day of application. Agent’s commission for obtaining the Cyprus visa varies from €60 - €150, while the cost of the visa itself depends on the urgency of its obtaining.


This type of visa applies to holders of Russian passports who intend to travel from Russia to Cyprus on a direct flight only, but the passport should not expire in less than 6 months from the date of the application. For the convenience of tourists there is the possibility of electronic submission of the application by e-mail or through an electronic system and is issued online for free. It takes maximum 1 day to obtain it. This visa is valid for 30 days during six months.

Long-stay Visas

Foreign citizens may make an application to obtain an Immigration Permit. An immigration permit will not be granted to anybody unless the Immigration Control Board recommends to the Minister of Interior that such person belongs to one of the following Categories, of which the most important are the following:

Persons who intend to work as self-employed in a trade or profession in the Republic of Cyprus, provided that they have in their possession adequate land or a permit to acquire the same, they have fully and freely at their disposal a capital of approximately €430,000 and such an employment should not affect negatively the general economy of the Republic of Cyprus.

Category E:

Persons who have been offered permanent employment in the Republic, which will not create undue local competition.

Category F:

In this category persons who possess and have fully and freely at their disposal a secured annual income, high enough to give them a decent living in Cyprus, without having to engage in any business, trade or profession. The annual income required should be at least €9568,17 for a single applicant for a single applicant and moreover at least €4613,22 for every dependent person, but the Immigration Control Board may demand additional amounts as necessary. Most applicants come under this Category, the majority of them being pensioners or retired persons.

Applications should be accompanied by the original documents regarding the income of the applicants. Applicants who are abroad may submit an application directly to Cyprus, as stated above or through the local Consular Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus. The applications are examined by the Immigration Control Board which submits a relevant suggestion to the Minister of the Interior for a decision to be taken.

When a non-EU Member buys a property for himself and his family, for the amount of €300.000 and more, his application for Permanent Residence, Category F will be examined favourably.

Click to find out how to become a Permanent Resident.

Schengen Visa

Third country nationals, holders of a valid Schengen visa (type: double or multiple entry), who have already entered the Schengen area in accordance with the terms upon which their Schengen visa was issued, may travel to Cyprus without a Cypriot national visa and stay in Cyprus for a period equal to the remainder of the time for which the Schengen visa is valid.

IMPORTANT! Cyprus plans to join the Schengen Area. Future membership of Cyprus within the Schengen Area is likely to impact the ease of entry to Cyprus of non-Schengen travellers, such as those tourists coming from Russia, Asia and the Middle East, or even affect the Permanent Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs’ future existence (the non-EU nationals in Cyprus, who already own permanent residency or citizenship will face no problems). The exact date that Cyprus will become a fully-fledged member of the Schengen area is not yet known with certainty, although steps to comply with all requirements are in progress. The Cypriot Minister has said that the plan is to invite observers to Cyprus in 2017, and in 2-3 years after that Cyprus would have signed the Schengen agreement, but other sources support that this might happen even sooner. After the admission of Cyprus in the Schengen area, owners of Long-stay Category E or F visa can live not only on Cyprus territory, but also travel to the Schengen area without the need of applying for additional visas.

Airport Transit Visa (ATV)

This type of VISA is required if you need to pass through the international transit area of Cypriot airports without actually entering the national territory of Cyprus during a stop-over or transfer between two stages of an international flight. It is only applied for nationals of  Pakistan and a few more countries.   

Citizens of the aforementioned countries are exempt from the Airport Transit Visa (ATV) requirement if they are holders of residence permits of either: a member state of the EU or the EEA, Andorra, Monaco, Canada, Japan, San Marino or the USA.

Transit Visa

If you are travelling from one country to another country and you have to pass through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, to do so you might need a Transit Visa. This visa may be issued for one transit, or exceptionally for several transits. The duration of each transit case should not exceed five days. The transit visa is issued provided that the entry of the traveler into the territory of the destination country is guaranteed and that the route taken normally requires transit through Cyprus. 

Group Visa

This is a transit visa or a visa limited to a maximum of thirty days, which may be affixed to a group passport - except where national legislation provides otherwise - issued to a group of travellers formed prior to the decision to travel. The group visa is issued to groups of between 5 and 50 people, provided that the members of the group enter the territory, stay there and leave it as a group. The person in charge of the group should possess an individual passport and, where necessary, an individual visa. 

Startup Visa

The ‘Cyprus Startup Visa’ Scheme allows talented entrepreneurs from third countries (non-EU/ EEA nationals), on an individual basis or in a team basis, to enter, reside and work in Cyprus in order to establish, operate or develop a startup with a high growth potential. The Scheme consists of two parts: (i) Individual Startup Scheme and (ii) Team Startup Scheme.

For the Individual Startup Visa Scheme, a non-EU country national can apply if is the only founder and has to €50.000 (which may include venture capital funding, crowdfunding or other sources of funding), holds an undergraduate degree or an equivalent professional qualification, and has very good knowledge of the Greek and / or English language.

For the Team Startup Visa Scheme, a team consisting of a maximum 5 non-Eu country nationals can apply that is comprised of at least one (1) founder and other senior executives that their total does not exceed five (5) individuals and:

1. Possess, in total, more than 50% of the company's shares.
2. The founder has access to €25,000. In case the founders are more than two (2) the total capital must be €50.000 which may include venture capital funding, crowdfunding or other sources of financing.
3. At least one of the team members holds an undergraduate or an equivalent professional qualification.
4. All team members have a very good knowledge of Greek and/or English language


Citizenship by Investment Program (How to obtain a Cyprus/European passport)

Cypriot legislation permits non-Europeans who invest in the economy of Cyprus to have the opportunity to obtain the Cyprus (EU) citizenship and subsequently, a Cyprus (EU) passport. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd offers a service package to facilitate the submission of individual and collective investment citizenship applications, and to make sure all of your family members receive Cyprus passports in a timely manner.

The program offers a lot of benefits: Your investment can be sold after 3 years and it can be made in a lot of ways including buying a residential or commercial property or government bonds. With the acquisition of a Cyprus passport you are not only a legal citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus but also a citizen of the European Union, enjoying all the benefits that this status provides (freedom of movement without the necessity to apply for a Visa, relocate in another EU member state, your children may study in the EU, create a business in the EU etc.).

Click to find out everything you need to know about the “Citizenship by Investment Program”.


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