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P.L. Property Gallery Holdings Ltd (“Property Gallery”), acting through its 100% subsidiary P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd together with its affiliates, is a leading independent developer of award-winning, innovative residential and commercial properties in prime areas of some of the most desired and growing Cyprus Real Estate Markets of Limassol, Pissouri and Platres. The Company is one of the largest developers of upper-middle and luxury properties in Limassol and is pursuing a clear and focused strategy of increasing presence in its core markets while maintaining highest standards of quality and project execution capabilities. It also enjoys excellent reputation and ia widely associated with superior quality, design and innovation, receiving 27 international awards so far, since 2008.

Design - Quality - Innovation

Three are the primary, interconnected elements characterizing the projects, which reflect the corporate identity: Design, quality and innovation.

The architectural design of each construction is an indispensable component that allows it to differentiate from others. This uniqueness is something that characterizes all the projects of Property Gallery. Equally essential is also the interior design of each unit, which needs to promote the comfort of a contemporary living. Having taken quality into consideration, all the above directly link between one another. The foundation and construction materials, electrical appliances, furniture and other finishing and decorative elements conclude a construction, following the high standards of the company.


Company Strategy

The Company’s objective is to maintain and strengthen its position as a leading residential developer in the Limassol Property Market and secure adequate financing to meet the Company’s ambitions for growth. It intends to achieve this objective by employing the following strategies:

  • Increase the Company’s land bank in strategic locations. The Company intends to continue acquiring land in prime areas of Limassol, Pissouri and Platres and has identified larger plots in Limassol suitable for its projects.
  • Maintain high standards of quality and project execution capabilities. Property Gallery intends to continue to focus on innovation and quality project execution as well as to further enhance its architectural, design, construction and development capabilities.
  • Focus on selling properties mainly through international agent network. The Company’s current international agent network amounts to approximately 650 agents. The Company intends to continue to focus on third-party sales networks to reach wider audience and enhance efficiency at a relatively low advertising cost.
  • Continue to concentrate on Limassol and selected tourist areas. It intends to continue to focus its development activities on Limassol and selected tourist areas due to a combination of limited plot availability and high demand for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Expand into new geographical areas. Property Gallery is monitoring real estate markets in Cyprus outside of Limassol. Should appropriate development opportunities arise in other cities, the Company will consider entering these new markets.


Executive Management and Board of Directors

The Company is led by a highly experienced management team of its two founders with profound knowledge of real estate development and local real estate markets.

Director and Chairman of the Board – Mr. Panayiotis Georgakis

Panayiotis Georgakis co-founded the business of the Company in 2002. Mr. Georgakis is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a director of Property Gallery and the Company.

CEO, Managing Director – Mrs. Lyra Amvrosidou

Lyra Amvrosidou co-founded the business of the Company in 2002. Mrs. Amvrosidou is CEO and Managing Director of Property Gallery and the Company. 


Associated Credibility

Property Gallery Developers is a member of many local and transnational organizations, proving its lawful right to develop projects, and is at the same time a member of national, international and transnational associations, with which our collaboration reflects the credibility and recognition of our brand name. The major organizations and associations are the following:


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