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How can I become an agent?

Practically, there is only one step to be made in order to register: if you are in Russia, you just need to contact the head of Moscow Representative Office of our company – on 8 800 775 8234 and you will receive comprehensive information and consultation.

If you are enjoying the sun in Cyprus, then please call our head office on +357 25 322 112/113, or on the free-of-charge number 8000 8384 and we shall do everything necessary in order to start our cooperation in the shortest possible time.

In the case that you live elsewhere, in countries such as China, India, Iran or any other nation, just write a message to us and, please, include your contact information so we can communicate with you, at the soonest possible time.


Do I need to come to Cyprus?

No, we will handle all our communication using the latest online techniques, including our new mobile application:



How can I feel secure that you will not "steal" my clients?

We intially send you a legal agreement to sign in order to secure your rights. When you have one client, you register each one you refer to us under your name and you include his name, address, e-mail, telephone, the property he is interested in, the price range can afford to spend and any other information you consider important. Hence, with these two documents you have nothing to be afraid of when doing business internationally.

Another important thing you should have in mind is that you keep close contact with your clients, even after the sale of a property; he, or people he knows may want to purchase another property and you should inform us about that, in order to secure your second sale of property.


How can I feel secure that after a succesful sale I will get paid my consulting fee?

Again, the legal agreement mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as the client registration form, are enough evidence to secure your payment for a successful sale.


On which occasion may you refuse to register one of my clients?

In the case that you wish to register a client that has already been registered through an other agent/partner, we may refuse to register him under your name as well, for a second time, for obvious reasons.


Is Cyprus a safe place for someone to live in?

Cyprus enjoys political stability for decades. It is widely known as a prosperous democracy that despite the recent recession of the economy, official reports highlight the return back to growth and stability of the economy. Regarding terrorism and racism, which is something usual occurring all over Europe and the Middle East during the recent time, Cyprus is intact of such threats that disrupt the health of the economy and the social web, and therefore, any Russian, Chinese or Muslim wishing to buy a property would not have to worry for the above.


What is the quality of the projects?

We thoroughly check the accuracy of architectural plans and quality of finishes at every stage of a project construction. We also study additional attributes and furnishings as well as equipment that may be needed for the buyer. Our expertise and passion for detail has always been highly appreciated accomplishing a total of 27 International Property Awards in the commercial, residential and mixed-use sectors.


What kind of properties are available?

Property Gallery can provide your clients with commercial and residential (apartments, maisonettes, country houses, villas) property. The commercial properties are located in strategic locations within Limassol and the eastern, coastal suburbs. The residential properties are not only located in Limassol, but also in the eastern and western suburbs of the city, in Pissouri and Platres.


Where are the properties located?

We carefully choose the land where each project is developed and we mostly prefer central city locations, in Limassol, for commercial properties and seafront plots for residential buildings. The reasons lie behind the fact that our customers mostly prefer the benefits deriving from the combination of the central city location and the proximity to the beach, combining comfort, ease of access and a great view of the coastal areas. For the people who prefer the solitude of the suburbs, we also construct projects in the suburbs and other areas to keep up with their demands.


Why should my clients be interested in Limassol, Cyprus?

Limassol observes constant development and high growth. Following the end of a recession period, someone may see large projects emerging from various investments, including projects of our own. Cyprus fulfils many factors that an investor looks into: political stability, economic growth, climate, infrastructure, health and education for foreigners, religious freedom and more. Racism and terrorism rise in every continent, but this is not a fact for Cyprus, one of the safest countries in the world to live and invest in.


How can you assist me to attract clients?

Property Gallery will assist you in attracting new clients by holding seminars and presentations for your potential customers in your region. Our new mobile phone application, also, provides you with powerful, time-saving and tailored to your needs tools of sales that will assist you in starting your own business. Furthermore, we may provide you with essential promotional and advertising material upon request, such as catalogues, brochures, pricelists and plans.


Can I organize and arrange viewing trips for prospective buyers?

Yes, either you personally or one of your appointed representatives can do that, but please have in mind that any costs are under your own responsibility.


Can you offer the clients assistance in regards to permanent residence or citizenship acquisition?

Yes, we can assist your clients through the whole procedure of acquiring a Permanent Residency or Citizenship through Investment.


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