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Landscape Design

Landscape design services include planting and garden development for our projects. Creation of flower beds, greeneries, rockeries, lawns of different types, construction of decorative stone paths, erection of small architectural elements, installation of pergolas, setting up areas – all that may be done at your plot and surrounding areas.

Garden landscape design for luxury villas, a service provided by Cyprus Property Gallery in Limassol

The procedure of Landscaping:

Our landscape designer visits your property to be designed and collects all necessary information. The designer is informed about your needs and special requests and then we proceed to the drawing of the architectural plan. We may then include any plants and materials of your desire, there is no limitation in your options. According to your demands, we may prepare as many alternative plans you wish. Modifications can be applied during the procedure in order that the plan will better fit your expectations. We also prepare a final 3D demonstration of your landscape design, to get an idea how it will look like after its completion, which completion depends on the complexity of the project. Your property’s landscape will soon afterwards include all the quality plants and materials of your selection!

Other relevant garden services include:

  • Creation of indoor or roof gardens
  • Garnish & remodeling of hedges and shrubs
  • Grass implantation & maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Pest control
  • General garden maintenance, all year long

For any further information regarding landscaping and garden maintenance please feel free to contact us.


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