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Pissouri Forest Park
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Unique project of villas and bungalows of different sizes, in the coastal village of Pissouri, a beloved resort for the majority of Cyprus' foreign residents.

from € 311 000
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Locations Features

Project description

Pissouri Forest Park was awarded the European Property Awards in 2008. It is a complex of 37 detached houses with private swimming pools: 24 villas and 13 bungalows.  The complex offers 10 types of houses each having its own particular characteristics. 

Architecture of the houses combines traditional Cyprus architecture and modern design – there are partial external stone finishes alongside with cutting-edge ideas of internal and external decorations.

Pissouri Forest Park is a complex of houses in an ecologically clean area, in the famous village resort of Pissouri, which despite its proximity to Pafos, is in fact a community belonging to the Limassol district. It is a natural sight of Cyprus and probably the only village by the seaside in Cyprus that kept its original architecture and atmosphere. It is located between Limassol and Paphos only 20 minutes drive from both cities (there are no traffic jams in Cyprus!). Pissouri is at the top of the hill (250 m above the sea level) with a marvellous view of the coastline.

Many buildings here are built using natural stone. In the centre there are governmental offices, banks, small shops, restaurants and bars. The village square is the favourite place for locals and tourists.

Farming (wine-making) is the main source of income of the residents of Pissouri. Grape plantations of Pissouri are recognised as the best on the island. The area is full of fragrant greens, the gorgeous views are caressing your eyes and an incredibly cosy bay hides the beach from the winds. Columbia Beach Resort Hotel (5 stars) is located within the range of the bay offering any type of sports, use of conference halls, fitness club.

Pissouri beach has been awarded the Blue Flag – a unique European certificate of quality, which is annually awarded based on the tests of water and sand cleanliness. Clean air, quietness and pleasures of life are free. Even during the hottest month of August here you will find a cool breeze!

Do you think that a house in the village even if it is in Cyprus shouldn’t cost much? We absolutely agree with you.

Location description

Our complex of houses are located at the exit from the village of Pissouri. It rests on the top hill adjacent to the biggest (7,5 hectare) National park in Cyprus – Century Park. A walk in the park will give aesthetic pleasure and will at the same time be educational.  Here you will make an excursion into the history of Cyprus at the stations depicting handicrafts of the villagers in the past and nowadays. Specially positioned information board will show flora and fauna map of Cyprus. Your kids may play at the playgrounds and after that the whole family may go to the lake to enjoy the shade of the trees around. Your pets may walk together with you and nobody will ever reproach you with damaging ecology - there is a dogs’ toilet here. If you want to cook meat on the charcoal – there are specially equipped places in the park. There will be everything for a good rest and sports in the Century Park.

A stunning natural beauty of location, not ruined by the time but with all the advantages of an international resort, makes Pissouri village an attractive tourist destination and choice of residence. Offices, banks, small shops, restaurants and bars are found in this little, but yet, flourishing place.

  • Private, covered or uncovered parking
  • Swimming pool
  • A/C provision
  • Heating provision
  • Provision for alarm system
  • Mature garden
  • BBQ area
  • Guest toilet
  • Bathroom in master bedroom
  • Electric gate
  • Quiet location surrounded by pine trees
Tech summary

Foundation and frame work

General Construction (foundations, pillars, beams and slabs) made of reinforced concrete according to the civil engineers static and antiseismic study.


Hollow clay bricks

External wall rendering

Plastering. Decorative with “ Grafiato”

Doors and windows

Entrance door  -  Solid wood 
Internal doors  -  Hollow door of varnished beech timber 
Externally  -  Sliding doors and windows of powder coated aluminum white color, double-glazing.


Wide choice of Cyprus Kitchens 


Italian wardrobes and fitted cupboards

Floor and wall tiles

Bath, shower and toilet rooms  -  Ceramic floor tiles & Glazed wall tiles
Kitchen -  Ceramic tiles
Living interior floors  -  Italian ceramic tiles
Bedroom floors  -  Italian ceramic tiles or laminate parquet
Internal staircases and steps - Ceramic tiles
Verandas  -  Ceramic tiles
External staircases  -  Ceramic tiles
Kitchen wall  - Tiles to the space between the work bench and cabinets


Walls and ceiling  -  Emulsion paint 
Interior timberwork  -  Clear varnish, matt finish

Sanitary fittings

White color of deluxe quality and the fitting is chrome plated

Electrical Installation

Concealed circuits and all other installation in compliance with the Electricity authority of Cyprus (EAC) regulations will comprise of circuits for lights fixtures and power points for kitchen appliances, TV, telephone, points in bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. Provision for T.V. Satellite.


Plastic piping for hot and cold water. Chrome taps, water mixers and other fixtures are included 

Cold water supply

From local authority’s mains in configuration with a shortage tank of one ton capacity.

Hot water supply

Via a dual system of electrical/solar heater


Provision for split unit heating-cooling system (wall mounted) in the living room and all bedrooms. The actual units are not included.

External work

  • Swimming pool
  • Paved walk ways of stonecrete
  • Fencing: Concrete wall.


Parking place as shown in the plan

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Details By Units

Ref Type Bedrooms Baths Veranda Unc. area Covered area Plot area Total area Photos
11-D1-P3 Bungalow 3 2 11 m 130 m 488 m 130 m
13-D1-P2 Bungalow 3 2 11 m 130 m 591 m 130 m
14-A2-P2 Villa 2 1 31 m 111 m 471 m 111 m
16-A1-P2 Villa 3 2 41 m 138 m 487 m 138 m
17-C2-P2 Villa 2 2 27 m 120 m 402 m 120 m
18-C2-P2 Villa 2 2 27 m 120 m 346 m 120 m
20-B2-P2 Villa 2 2 18 m 116 m 338 m 116 m
21-B2-P2 Villa 2 2 18 m 116 m 291 m 116 m
24-B1-P1 Villa 3 2 12 m 136 m 457 m 136 m Pictures
26-B2-P1 Villa 2 2 18 m 116 m 400 m 116 m
27-A1-P1 Villa 3 2 41 m 138 m 350 m 138 m
28-A1-P1 Villa 3 2 41 m 138 m 359 m 138 m
29-A1-P1 Villa 3 2 41 m 138 m 378 m 138 m
30-C1-P1 Villa 3 3 34 m 139 m 460 m 139 m
32-C1-P1 Villa 3 3 34 m 139 m 407 m 139 m
33-C1-P1 Villa 3 3 34 m 139 m 455 m 139 m
35-C2-P1 Villa 2 2 27 m 120 m 358 m 120 m
36-C1-P2 Villa 3 3 34 m 139 m 671 m 139 m
6-D1-P3 Bungalow 3 2 11 m 130 m 488 m 130 m
7-D1-P3 Bungalow 3 2 11 m 130 m 453 m 130 m
9-D1-P3 Bungalow 3 2 11 m 130 m 516 m 130 m
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