What You Need to Know for a Successful Purchase of an Apartment in Cyprus?

What You Need to Know for a Successful Purchase of an Apartment in Cyprus?

Housing abroad offers impressive opportunities.  For some, apartments in Cyprus are a source of passive income. For others, personal apartments are perceived as an opportunity to obtain EU citizenship and relax on the sea at any time of the year. Whatever goal you are pursuing when purchasing a house, you need to carefully approach the selection of a suitable solution for a successful transaction. 

Apartments in Cyprus: standard, apartment or penthouse

First of all, you need to decide on the type of construction. Apartments in Cyprus are presented in the following layouts. 

  1. Standard. Studio apartments in Cyprus by area, equivalent to the Russian one-bedroom apartments. Therefore, it is important to take into account the difference in size. 
  2. Apartments. These apartments in Cyprus belong to commercial real estate. You cannot register in them, but you can use them for temporary residence. For this reason, apartments in Cyprus are often purchased for subsequent lease. 
  3. Penthouses. This category is represented by multi-level apartments with access to the roof or private terrace. Penthouses in Cyprus belong to luxury real estate. They often have unique finishing and are located in the most prestigious areas. 

It is not uncommon for residential property owners to incorrectly indicate their type in their ads to attract more attention from potential buyers. Therefore, when searching for an apartment in Cyprus, you should consider technical parameters and other features. Economy-class facilities are suitable for those who want to spend no more than a few weeks a year in the Republic. If you are planning to live in Cyprus for several months and are demanding the level of comfort, it is better to consider penthouses and apartments with an improved layout. 

What should you consider when purchasing an apartment in Cyprus?

It is not enough to determine the property type to conclude a successful transaction. You need to formulate the following parameters. 

  1. Location of the apartment. 
  2. Level of improvement. 
  3. Recreational load. 
  4. Prospects for the region's development. 
  5. Infrastructure. 

Many Russian citizens tend to buy inexpensive apartments in Cyprus by the sea. The proximity of the coast offers attractive prospects for recreation but brings some less obvious inconveniences. First of all, purchasing an apartment in Cyprus by the sea is the purchase of housing in the noisiest area. It is sure to be crowded during the tourist season. The proximity of water increases the humidity level, which is bad for the quality of building structures. Newcomers are often upset with the property dampness when purchasing an apartment in Cyprus by the sea. However, housing in such areas is considered the most prestigious and more expensive than others. 

If you are not concerned about the price of an apartment in Cyprus, consider the terrain when choosing a suitable area. The abundance of descents and ascents can be a serious hindrance for families with children or elderly couples. 

The amount of sunlight plays an equally important role in choosing an apartment in Cyprus. For example, the temperature may be too high in summer in the city of Limassol, the southernmost region of Cyprus. If the apartment purchased here is completely open to the sun, it is unlikely that you will be pleased with the incoming electricity bills due to air conditioning. It is better to choose housing with a darkened south or south-west side. 

Also, keep in mind that there is no central heating in Cyprus. If you plan to live here all year round, make sure that the housing allows you to install additional thermal heaters. This equipment will allow you to maintain comfort in the apartment even in winter when the air temperature in Cyprus can fall to 0°C. 

When choosing the best area to purchase housing, evaluate its development prospects and existing infrastructure (public transport, shops, hospitals, entertainment centers). You need to pay attention to the legality of the apartment in Cyprus and the absence of any encumbrances. 

How to purchase an apartment in Cyprus without legal obstacles?

Purchasing housing abroad is a serious and responsible step. On the way to making your dream come true, you will have to delve into local legislation, as well as go through many complex legal stages. If you want to avoid possible intricacies and risks, entrust the purchase of an apartment in Cyprus to experts at P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. . We are the biggest developer in the region with 18+ years of experience in the local real estate market. We know all the pitfalls to help you efficiently purchase an apartment in Cyprus that meets all expectations. Our experts will provide a full range of related services: from legal assistance and resolving migration issues to the management of purchased real estate.