Real Estate in Cyprus

Real Estate in Cyprus

Purchasing an apartment or house abroad is a serious and responsible step that requires a lot of attention to details. To successfully resolve all arising legal and financial issues, you need to be assisted by a reliable partner who will help you understand the aspect of local legislation and choose the best option taking into account the client's personal requirements. Trusting P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd offers the search for real estate in Cyprus and the preparation of related documents. With us you invest in a secure and comfortable future.

Property for sale in Cyprus

Property Gallery is one of the leading developers in the Republic. We offer a large choice of houses and apartments in various areas of the island: Limassol, Platres, Pissouri and others. We will help you purchase real estate in Cyprus, as well as get a full range of related services: 

  1. Support in the acquisition. 
  2. Examination of documents prepared and banking transactions. 
  3. Obtaining permission to purchase real estate and continued residence in Cyprus.
  4. Implementation of a unique interior and landscape design project.
  5. Real estate management. 

The team of experts in Property Gallery will help you purchase the apartment in Cyprus in line with your preferences. The list of available real estate includes economy-class and elite housing of different sizes and configurations. When searching for a property, select infrastructure parameters in advance. Our database includes several hundred ads for the sale of houses and apartments in Cyprus, providing you with an avenue for free choice. 

Real estate prices

Assistance in purchasing real estate in the Republic is a popular service among those who would like to invest in their future. Real estate in Cyprus is very diverse, and therefore the price range is quite extensive. The cost of an apartment or house consists of several key factors. 

  1. Unit type. Real estate prices in Cyprus vary greatly depending on the year of the construction. Secondary housing is inferior in quality but costs less. New apartments cost more but guarantee transaction legality and are suitable for a comfortable stay with the whole family or for renting out. 
  2. Real estate category. The most profitable purchase is considered to be luxury apartments and houses; prices start from EUR 200,000. This real estate category will help you get a residence permit, as well as arrange permanent residence. Another popular category is commercial property, the purchase of which can be considered a profitable investment.
  3. Apartment or house location. Real estate in the south of Cyprus is traditionally more expensive. Houses and villas in the resort area can be used as hotels, hostels, and tourist venues.  

Before you purchase an apartment or house in Cyprus, you need to assess not only the cost of the property but also the cost for subsequent maintenance. Property Gallery specialists with knowledge of all the aspects of the local real estate market can help you resolve this issue. At the same time, our team will evaluate the investment appeal of the chosen property in Cyprus and consult you on how to make the investment as profitable as possible. 

6 reasons to purchase real estate in Cyprus

Purchasing real estate abroad has always been considered a profitable investment. Real estate investment in Cyprus offers vast opportunities for a comfortable and secure life. Purchasing a house or apartment on this island has the following advantages.

  1. Affordable price. 
  2. Extended infrastructure. 
  3. Mild climate. 
  4. Wide choice of apartments, houses and villas.   
  5. Geographical diversity (you can purchase an apartment in Cyprus near the sea, mountains, in one of the business or residential areas). 
  6. Simplified procedure for obtaining a multi-visa, temporary registration and permanent residence. 

Even if you do not plan to live in an apartment purchased abroad, real estate in Cyprus can be successfully rented out, becoming a good passive income. 

Real estate in Cyprus: property developers’ announcement

PL Property Gallery Holdings Ltd is proud of its impressive database of real estate units. Buyers and investors are offered comprehensive assistance in the search and selection of a suitable property, legal advice, migration issues, rental management and much more. Purchasing an apartment or house in Cyprus from a developer is the best option for cooperation. Comprehensive assistance of experts with years of experience in the field will minimize the risk of unfortunate mistakes in the selection and preparation of supporting documentation. As a result, you will be able to quickly and conveniently purchase an apartment in Cyprus or another real estate. Property Gallery specialists are ready to help you with any issues. We provide consultations both in person and online. Contact us right now for assistance in profitable purchasing real estate in Cyprus.