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Commercial Real Estate in Cyprus

Commercial Real Estate in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is attractive not only for numerous tourists but a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs. This is supported by a favorable geographic location, developed infrastructure, as well as an easy taxation system. The Cypriot authorities are also interested in a constant inflow of foreign capital and therefore have developed many lucrative programs and privileges for foreign investors. If you would like to start your own business on the island, we suggest starting with the purchase of commercial real estate in Cyprus. 

Advantages of purchasing commercial real estate in Cyprus

The Republic has introduced a special policy for business development. Citizens of Russia and some other countries are exempt from double taxation. There are a number of other advantages. 

  1. Wide range of commercial real estate for starting a business in Cyprus in different industries. 
  2. Flexible taxation among all the member-states of the European Union. 
  3. Favorable location for successful business in different regions of Cyprus. 

There is also a program for accelerated registration of a residence permit or EU citizenship for investors. It is designed not only for businessmen but also for their family members: spouses, parents, minors, and financially dependent children under the age of 28. When purchasing an office at a price of EUR 300,000, you are granted the right to obtain a residence permit. If you invest EUR 2,000,000 or more, you can obtain EU citizenship in just 6 months. It is not necessary to invest everything in real estate in Cyprus.

You can use part of the investment to start a business, buy shares of local companies or government securities. According to statistics, this option is especially popular among Russians. Almost 40% of all passports are issued to residents of the Russian Federation. Ukrainians are next in number. Citizenship by investment is attractive since it does not oblige you to permanently reside in Cyprus, pass exams in language and history, and renounce your country's passport. Residential or commercial real estate in Cyprus purchased under this program can be sold and your investment returned in just 5 years. 

Selection of commercial real estate in Cyprus

In the Republic, you can purchase both a ready-made business with certain profitability, equipment, and necessary licenses, which will minimize any bureaucratic delays, or purchase commercial real estate to start your own business from scratch. Cyprus offers a wide choice of property with different layouts and configurations suitable for:

  • retail premises;
  • warehouses;
  • offices;
  • entertainment complex.

Here you can purchase commercial real estate for opening a spa, a yacht club, and many other businesses. Multifunctional premises are especially popular since they combine residential and commercial property. 

All regions of the Republic offer real estate for different purposes. Commercial real estate in Cyprus is actively bought up in Limassol, the largest business center and port of the island, as well as in the industrial areas of Larnaca, in the capital of Nicosia, and in the prestigious resort Paphos. Commercial real estate in Cyprus located in developing tourist centers (Polis and others) is especially attractive for businessmen and entrepreneurs. The profitability of real estate in these regions is growing from year to year. And if you make the right choice, this can become a successful business investment. 

How to purchase commercial real estate in Cyprus with benefits?

Commercial real estate in Cyprus is sold at different stages of construction:

  • with an approved construction plan;
  • at the initial stages of construction;
  • at the stage of finishing;
  • with construction and design completed. 

Purchasing an office at the initial stage of construction will help you save up to 25-30% of the final price. However, such commercial real estate in Cyprus requires the active participation of a businessman and the careful calculation of possible risks and income levels. 

The demand for offices and sales and industrial premises is growing but the number of available land plots is very limited. That's why prices on commercial real estate in Cyprus do not drop which allows you to get an impressive profit from subsequent resale and rental. 

However, to obtain the expected benefits and minimum hassle when purchasing an office or other premises, it is necessary to get the assistance of professionals from the very beginning. And your perfect choice is P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. Our company is the biggest real estate developer in the region with over 18 years of experience and offers the widest range of commercial real estate in Cyprus. We will help you purchase an office or a manufacturing facility in any developed region of the island (Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia, Limassol, and others), as well as receive a whole range of related services.

  1. Legal assistance in sale transactions and examination of documents prepared. 
  2. Assistance in title registration and resolving migration issues. 
  3. Management of commercial real estate in Cyprus during your absence.
  4. Landscaping and gardening of adjacent territory, interior design. 

We offer commercial real estate in Cyprus with unique architecture and layout to meet all your needs. We apply our own achievements, innovative solutions, as well as the best EU standards in the process of construction. We are ready to offer a wide range of residential premises in addition to finished and under construction commercial real estate in Cyprus: villas, townhouses, cottages, apartments, penthouses. If you have any questions regarding the terms of cooperation, please contact our experts right now and get a free consultation.