Cyprus for Ukrainians: obtaining a visa and other entry rules

Cyprus is a favorite holiday destination for Ukrainians. From July 1, 2021, its borders are open to vaccinated residents of Nezalezhnaya. However, in addition to a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus, you need to have properly executed documents with you.

Entry rules to Cyprus for Ukrainians

Since 2017, a visa-free regime has been in effect between Ukraine and the European Union. This means that for a short trip it is enough to have a biometric passport. The rules for entry into Cyprus for Ukrainians allow staying in the republic with a biometric passport for a period not exceeding 90 days in one six months. Citizens of the Independent have the right to use this opportunity to travel to the republic for tourism purposes, business or family matters.

If you do not have a biometric passport or you plan to travel for the purpose of employment, education, you cannot do without a visit to the consulate. A visa to Cyprus for Ukrainians is issued both on a personally submitted application form and through a travel agency. Completed documents must be sent no later than three working days before the date of departure, but not earlier than 90 days before the planned trip.

Cyprus: electronic pro-visa for Ukrainians

If for some reason a citizen of Ukraine does not have a biometric passport, it is enough to issue a pro-visa to enter the territory of Cyprus. It is done online in 3 working days (minimum) and sent in finished form by email. Please note that during the summer the Consulate is busy, and the processing time for the application may increase.

This permit is issued free of charge. The applicant's application form must be sent to the e-mail address of the Consulate of Cyprus. Up to 10 profiles can be attached to one email. Upon receipt of an electronic visa for Ukrainians to Cyprus, no notifications about the status of application processing are sent. You need to wait for the end of the production period (3 working days) and receive the finished document by mail. To use an electronic visa for Ukrainians to Cyprus, just print it out.

Entry to Cyprus for Ukrainians on a pro-visa is possible only by direct flight from Nezalezhnaya without a transfer at intermediate points. The return route does not matter, it can be built taking into account visiting other countries or with transfer stops.

Pro-visas issued to the Republic of Cyprus for Ukrainians belong to category C. They are single-use and are valid immediately from the date of issue. For the next three months, the visa will be active and can be used. Upon arrival in Cyprus, this document will be stamped in the passport, which allows its holder to stay on the island for up to 90 days within the next 6 months. An e-visa to Cyprus for Ukrainians is a one-time entry. If there is any doubt that it will be possible to use it within the allotted validity period, you can issue a second one. This is allowed even before the expiration date of the first visa. The main thing is to have a passport, which, after the trip is completed, will be valid for another six months.

Obtaining a national visa to Cyprus for Ukrainians

If you plan to visit the island repeatedly, then Ukrainians need a valid national visa to Cyprus. It, like a pro-visa, is made within a minimum of 3 working days, but the submission of documents is possible only in person or through a proxy. A national visa for Ukrainians is needed if the current passport expires not 6, but 3 months after the end of the trip. It will also be required in the case of a flight with transfers. In all these situations, a simplified pro-visa cannot be used, and therefore it is required to go through the standard permit procedure.

The answer to the question of how much a national visa to Cyprus costs for Ukrainians depends on the chosen type of document.

  • Single entry - 20 euros.
  • Double or multiple entry - 60 euros.

Payment can be made in UAH in terms of the current exchange rate. A visa to Cyprus for Ukrainians is paid by bank transfer.

All citizens of the Independent, as well as other persons located on its territory, can obtain entry permits. The required documents for a visa to Cyprus for Ukrainians consist of the following list.

  1. Application form.
  2. Receipt confirming the payment of the visa fee.
  3. Two photographs (color) 350x450 mm.
  4. Confirmation of hotel room reservation, flight tickets to Cyprus and back.
  5. A duplicate of the Ukrainian passport with a validity period of at least 3 months after the return arrival in Ukraine.
  6. A bank statement confirming the availability of the required amount at the rate of 50 euros per day of stay in the republic.
  7. Notarized duplicate or original of the invitation from the Cypriot side (if available).
  8. Certificate from the pension fund or from the place of work/study (drawn up in English or Ukrainian).

If you need a multiple-entry national visa to Cyprus, this package should be accompanied by documents that confirm the validity of the repeated visit. This can serve as a contract for the sale of real estate in the republic. In addition, please note that in order to obtain permission, the passport must have a free spread (two pages) where you can put a stamp.

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In what cases can you do without a national visa?

The entry rules for Ukrainians to Cyprus allow visiting the republic not only on a national visa, but also on a Schengen visa category C, D. At the same time, it is not necessary to activate the entry permit through the countries included in the Schengen zone before that. The same applies to the national visas of Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, which are also suitable for a visit to Cyprus. Another document that allows you to refuse a preliminary visit to the consulate is an active residence permit in the EU countries.

What other documents are needed for a Ukrainian to enter Cyprus

When crossing the border of the republic at the airport, you must present a passport, a valid visa, as well as paid tickets to Cyprus and back. This set of documents is enough for a smooth visit to the island nation.