Property for Sale in Cyprus.

Property for Sale in Cyprus.

Available real estate in Cyprus

P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd is one of the biggest developers in Cyprus with an extensive database of real estate in different areas (Limassol, Platres, Pissouri, etc.). We sell the following types of real estate. 

  1. Houses, villas and mansions in Cyprus. 
  2. Penthouses and apartments. 
  3. Apartments in Cyprus. 
  4. Commercial real estate. 

We will carefully consider your personal requirements and wishes to find the best solution. If your purpose is to obtain EU citizenship, it is better to contact experts in selling a penthouse, house, mansion, and other luxurious real estate in Cyprus. Such housing will help you get a residence permit and citizenship. The sale of apartments and villas in Cyprus is suitable for profitable investment. The most valuable properties are located on the southern part of the island, close to the Mediterranean coast. 

Real estate for sale in Cyprus: why you should trust P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. 

Our company has been on the market for many years and has earned a reputation as a reliable partner. Selling real estate in Cyprus is one of the key services of P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd . Having concluded several hundred successful contracts, we know all the aspects of the local market to guarantee you an impeccable quality of service. Selling real estate in Cyprus is accompanied by a whole range of related services.

  1. Legal assistance. Selling real estate in Cyprus requires extensive knowledge of local legislation and realtor activities. We will provide you not only a detailed consultation but also a full-fledged examination of banking transactions and documents. 
  2. Renting. We will arrange a comfortable stay on the island during the conclusion of a transaction for the purchase or sale of real estate in Cyprus. This will reduce unnecessary transport costs. 
  3. Property management in Cyprus. We are not only engaged in sales, but also help to maintain a good technical condition of local houses and apartments during the absence of their owners. 
  4. Solution of migration issues. The sale of real estate in Cyprus is of interest to those who want to move to the Republic for permanent residence. We assist in obtaining the necessary documents and provide detailed advice on the intricacies of local legislation. 
  5. Implementation of unique design projects. If you are interested in selling real estate in Cyprus as a profitable investment opportunity, we will help you get the most out of the commercial property. We are ready to implement a unique design concept in the interior and exterior. 

Selling real estate in Cyprus is the main activity of P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. Therefore, we know exactly how to provide the best quality of services and minimize all possible risks for making a transaction. 

What should you do if you need to sell real estate in Cyprus?

Our team provides a wide range of services in the sale of houses and apartments on the island. If you decide to sell real estate in Cyprus for the purpose of buying a home in another region or for other plans, we will be happy to assist you in this issue. Our experts will make a comprehensive assessment of the market value, help you draft a contract, and deregister a house, apartment, or penthouse. They will also consult you on how to sell real estate in Cyprus as profitable as possible and with a guarantee of financial security. 

Cost of Cyprus real estate

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase or sell real estate in Cyprus, you need to consider the factors that play a crucial role in pricing: 

  1. Location. The most valuable property is located on the red line of the Mediterranean coast. The mild climate provides a constant tourist flow, which makes the sale of properties in this area profitable. 
  2. Year of construction. Selling real estate in Cyprus from a developer ensures transaction legality, as well as high-quality construction. The secondary market cannot boast such advantages but offers cheaper apartments, penthouses, and houses.  
  3. Unit type. The cost of selling real estate in Cyprus is affected by its class (economy, elite, or business). In addition, houses, villas and mansions are always more expensive than apartments and penthouses.  
  4. Purpose, available infrastructure, and other characteristics. The cost of selling real estate in Cyprus can be affected by a wide range of factors, even the standard of living in the area where the property is located. 

When making a transaction, you need to take into account not only the market price of the property. You should also pay attention to the costs for further maintenance. This will help you determine the objective attractiveness of a facility.