Reinforcement with Peres for Apollo replacing Kriskova

Reinforcement with Peres for Apollo replacing Kriskova


«Foreign exchange: New addition to the Venezuelan international, Jose Maria Perez

Property Gallery Apollon is pleased to announce to the world of our team, but also to the general public of volleyball, the agreement with Jose Maria Perez.

This is a 32-year-old Venezuelan international, who has many performances in her career, both at team and national level, as in all the years of her career she is a key member of the National team of her homeland, where she played in major events.

Apart from her homeland, she has played in the championships of Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, Indonesia, while until recently she was in Zamalek, Egypt.

Also, Maria Peres has played again in Cyprus and specifically a decade ago, wearing the AEL jersey.

It should be noted that he has been in Cyprus since the beginning of last month and has already joined our team, having passed all the measures provided by the health protocol.

Jose Maria Perez will replace Romana Kriskova, who is a past member of our team and on this occasion we would like to thank her in public.

So we welcome Maria to the big family of Apollo and wish her every success with the "blue and white" jersey ".