Townhouse in Limassol: Investment Pros and Cons

Townhouse in Limassol: Investment Pros and Cons

There are many wonderful cities in Cyprus. Limassol is one of the most fun and interesting. This city is located between the main cultural attractions of the Republic and has its own historical heritage. The tourist flow here is constant at any time of the year. If you want to profitably invest in real estate in Cyprus, we recommend you consider Limassol. 

In addition to selecting the region, you need to determine the parameters of real estate, its type. Townhouses are considered to be one of the most profitable type of property for comfortable living and obtaining passive income. We will talk about the pros and cons of this type of real estate below. 

Townhouse: peculiarities of housing in Limassol

Real estate in Limassol is represented by a large range of property of different comfort and living space. The catalog of townhouses is very popular among future investors. These properties are considered a transitional option between an apartment and a villa. A townhouse is a multi-level apartment located in a small house of 1-2 floors and shared wall with the neighbors while having a separate entrance. Adjacent territory and parking lot, terrace, or pool are considered public facilities. The kitchen, living room, and bathroom are on the first floor of the townhouse. The bathroom and bedrooms are on the second floor. A flat roof can also be used. In summer, this part of the townhouse becomes a popular place for relaxing and sunbathing. 

If the house is designed for only two apartments, it is called a duplex. Townhouses with the large residential area in Cyprus are called maisonettes. They are less common in modern buildings.

Townhouses for sale in Limassol are located in small residential districts on the red line. In the latter case, housing can be called elite, since it does not differ in the level of arrangement from comfortable villas. 

If you decide to purchase a townhouse in Cyprus, you will invest profitably. This type of property costs little more than apartments, but it assumes a completely different level of comfort and the possibility of obtaining a residence permit. This property will grant you a residence permit and then citizenship in Cyprus. 

Advantages of townhouses in Cyprus

When deciding which type of real estate in Limassol to purchase for personal or commercial purposes, it is worth remembering the following advantages of local townhouses. 

  1. Affordable price. 
  2. Decent improvement. 
  3. Installed engineering communications. 
  4. Proximity of neighbors. 

This type of real estate in Limassol is an excellent choice for sociable people who want to organize a comfortable life in a quiet rural atmosphere. Even during your absence in Cyprus, you can be sure of the safety of your property. Townhouse owners traditionally share responsibility for security and cleanliness. 

Disadvantages of townhouses in Cyprus

Before making a purchase you should keep in mind the disadvantages of this property type in Cyprus. When inspecting the catalog of townhouses in Limassol and choosing a suitable one, pay attention to its condition. At the stage of development, it is easier to agree on interior and exterior decoration. Purchasing a fully finished townhouse in Limassol, Cyprus, it is difficult to count on individual architectural and design solutions. However, this property type requires owners to get along with their neighbors. If you have your own townhouse in Limassol, Cyprus, you cannot change the landscape and adjacent territory as part of public facilities at your own discretion. 

For whom is it profitable to purchase townhouses in Cyprus?

This type of real estate in Limassol is popular among people of all ages. Young investors appreciate its economic attractiveness. Senior investors choose townhouses for the opportunity to live comfortably in a quiet place in Cyprus constantly communicating with neighbors. This is also important for those who enjoy a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you decide to purchase a townhouse in Cyprus, you get the opportunity to make useful and interesting acquaintances. For example, neighbors from France, Germany, or England will help you improve your foreign language and, perhaps, inspire you to travel and discover new spots on the globe. 

How to purchase a townhouse in Cyprus with benefits?

If you have come to such an important and responsible step as purchasing home in Limassol, it is important to consider its parameters before entering into a transaction. 

  1. Location. 
  2. Building condition. 
  3. Townhouse area. 
  4. Developed infrastructure. 
  5. Housing configuration and layout. 
  6. Reputation of the construction company. 

Experts in P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd will help you understand all the details of purchasing a townhouse and the legislation of Cyprus. . Our company has been working in the local real estate market for more than 18 years. We are ready to provide the most complete catalog of townhouses from our portfolio. We will take care of transaction registration, as well as resolving migration issues. Our company also implements unique design projects. This will help to equip the future townhouse in accordance with your personal preferences. If you are planning to use your property for temporary residence in Limassol, we will take over its management during your absence in Cyprus. Even if you are in another country, you will always be sure that all the engineering systems of the townhouse are working properly, and the mandatory bills are paid.