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Apollo won and lurks

Property Gallery Apollo

Apollon Property Gallery started the first set strong and led 01-05. Lemesos Volleyball reduced the score to 04-05 but the "blues" escaped with 07-11. The "pinks" reduced again 10-11, but the players of G. Giapanis increased to +5 11-16. New counterattack by Lemesos Volleyball and reduction to -1 15-16.

The "blues" again got "air" of three points 16-19 but again the "pinks" reduced to one point. The +3 for Property Gallery Apollon was maintained 20-23 with the "blues" having a hard time prevailing in 26 '21-25 and leading 0-1.

The second set started with Property Gallery Apollon having the lead 01-03, but Lemesos Volleyball equalizing 03-03. A. Spyros' team was ahead for the first time 07-06 with coach Giannis Giapanis inviting the players of Property Gallery Apollon to the bench for instructions. The two teams were tied 11-11 with Property Gallery Apollon winning the set 19- 25 in 26 'increasing to 0-2 sets.

The match in the third set starred the Apollo Property Gallery which increased the difference. After the initial 02-04, the "blues", making their best appearance in the game in this set, were ahead with 06-13, a difference they maintained. Having nothing to lose, Lemesos Volleyball counterattacked by reducing to -5 10-15. The players of Property Gallery Apollon completed the set with a series of 00-04, winning 16-25 in 23 'and the match with 0-3 sets.

LEMESOS VOLLEYBALL (A. SPYROU): Azevedo, Laspou, Konstantinidou, Summer, Bojanu, Siskou - Libero 1: A. Michael, Libero 2: Karaoli - Changes: E. Michael, Sidera

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Ripnaya, Iordanous, Lavruk, Ventura, Lambrou, Konstantinou - Libero: Christoforou.