Climate and Weather Conditions in Cyprus

The Mediterranean is famous for comfortable living conditions throughout the year. And Cyprus is no exception.
You will enjoy warm dry summers, mild winters, beautiful spring and autumn, as well as yearlong sunny days. The climate in Cyprus is perfect for life at any age. Summer lasts from mid-May to mid-October. Winter lasts from December to March.

There may be heavy but short rains during the cold season in Cyprus. Spring and autumn delight residents and tourists of the island with bright natural colors. This is a great time for leisurely walks through the eucalyptus groves and active outdoor sports. 

Annual average temperature

The climate in Cyprus is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. The annual average temperature is +24°C during the day and +14°C at night. Considering the weather conditions, we can say that summer in Cyprus lasts 8 months. Exactly the same number of months is the tourist season.

July and August are the warmest months in Cyprus. The average maximum temperature in the central region reaches +36°C. The temperature in the Troodos Mountains reaches +27°C. January is the coldest month in Cyprus. The temperature falls to 0°C at night in the Troodos Mountains and in +5°C at night in the central region. The ski season opens in winter. At this time, snow falls in the Troodos Mountains encouraging people go skiing and snowboarding.  

Sea temperature

The temperature in the open sea near the island of Cyprus varies depending on the season. August and September are the best months for swimming since the Mediterranean Sea warms up +27°C. The average sea temperature from June to November is +22°C.

The climate of Cyprus encourages long-term swimming season. The sea warms up to +17°C even in the coldest months (January-March). Near the coast, these indicators do not change much ranging at 23-28°C in August and 15-17°C in February. 

Sunny days

The climate in Cyprus is fairly called sunny. There is hardly one cloudy day a year. The daylight duration in Cyprus depends on the season. It is at least 6 hours in December-January and 11 hours in April-October.