10 reasons to move to Cyprus

Cyprus climate is the most obvious argument for moving

One of the advantages of the Mediterranean region is its warm climate all year round, and Cyprus is no exception. Warm weather and clear sunny skies are guaranteed for almost 365 days a year. It is so warm in Cyprus that it snows every winter for only a few days.

The average sea temperature of the island ranges from 20 to 27 ° C from May to November. A warm winter is very important for those who think about moving, and not just about a short visit to Cyprus during their summer holidays.

Cost of living - Cyprus immigration bonus

Even though the country itself is developed, the cost of living in Cyprus, and especially in Limassol, is much lower than in other developed countries of the European Union. Such examples include the cost of gasoline, food, water, telephone and much more, which makes moving to Cyprus not expensive relative to the center of Europe.

Cost of Living in Cyprus: prices in 10 cities compared

One of the lowest crime rates

The crime rate is very low. This is very important if you go to live in Cyprus with children and dear loved ones. Cyprus is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world for living or vacationing. Many Cypriots don’t even lock the front door at night!

Education for immigrants in Cyprus - if you move with your children

As in the case of health care in Cyprus, both private and public education are represented. Private education is more adapted to the needs of foreigners, providing their children with the opportunity to receive appropriate education without the need to use Greek as their main language of communication. There are 6 private schools in Limassol where teaching is in English, 2 private schools with teaching in Russian and one Lebanese private school.

Health care, to leave to live in Cyprus until old age

You can go here to live for a long time and live in Cyprus until old age without fear for your health. There are private and public hospitals in every city in Cyprus, close to your future residence. In case of emergency, you can visit the emergency department at the state hospital, at any time, for 10 euros.

Freedom of religion

The immigration of all religions coexists perfectly in Cyprus. Everyone can find and attend the existing Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church (in Limassol and Aletrico, Larnaca), Catholic churches (throughout Cyprus), Muslim mosques (in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos), a Buddhist temple (in Nicosia), a temple Shiva (in Larnaca), the Jewish synagogue (in Larnaca), as well as German, Armenian, Maronite and Greek evangelical churches:

  • Russian Orthodox churches: Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (in Limassol), Seven-Arched Church (Aletrico-Larnaca).
  • Roman Catholic churches: Catholic Church of St. Catherine (Limassol), Church of the Holy Cross (Nicosia), Paphos Catholic Church. Two more churches are located in Polis and Pissouri.
  • Muslim Mosque: Kami Kebir (Limassol), Kami Kedid Masjid (Limassol), Paphos Mesjid, Omeriv Masjid (Nicosia), Bayraktar Masjid (Nicosia).

History and sights

Cyprus is well known for its sights and millennia of history. What tourists and those who made the move to the island love the most is the unique ability of Cyprus to combine sandy beaches and green forests in a small space. Countless sunny beaches are located on the entire coast of the island, they are available for 7 months every year, 57 of which have been awarded the Blue Flag. The Troodos Mountains will amaze you with its fresh air filled with aromas of coniferous forests and wild grass.

In addition to the above, Cypriot resorts can also offer you golf, tennis, donkey and even skiing, and much more. Unique archaeological sites, museums and long-standing churches can be found in every area, they provide important information about the long history of the country, which begins from the 11th millennium BC.

Land of myths and legends

Cyprus is an island of myths and legends, among which life becomes unusual and vibrant. According to mythology, the Goddess of Love - Aphrodite - was born and lived in Cyprus, and travelers in ancient times came here only to worship the goddess. "Petra Tu Romiu" or "Aphrodite's Stone" is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, but, according to another legend, a Byzantine hero named Digenis Akritas threw stones at the Saracen ship, which was about to board the ship on the same shores.

Local and international cuisine

Try Cypriot white and red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon. In the evening, do not deny yourself the pleasure to dine in one of the local taverns and enjoy the magnificence and variety of Cypriot cuisine, and local wines and other drinks. But that’s not all, for which you want to move to Cyprus. Here you can choose any of the national cuisines of the world, you will find specialized Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian, English, Russian, Mexican and other restaurants.

Cyprus can rightfully be proud of its unique character and special spirit, preserved from ancient times. We invite you to taste all the charms of this paradise and enjoy its unique charm.

Beauty and colors - you have to live beautifully!

Cyprus is undoubtedly an island of contrasts. Judge for yourself: majestic mountains and coniferous forests, fragrant gardens teeming with fruits and citruses, azure shores and grottoes with magnificent beaches. The change of seasons brings a change of colors of nature, which is always dressed in green clothes, even in winter, since most of the trees in Cyprus are evergreen. If you have a choice, you must move to Cyprus!