Permanent residence in Cyprus

Moving to Cyprus has become more than realistic, because it is one of the most open European countries for foreigners! All the necessary conditions have been created here, which make it possible to obtain a residence permit (permit) and permanent residence (permanent residence).

In 2022, the most popular way to apply for permanent residence on a picturesque resort island has become the purchase of real estate.

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Benefits of investing in property in Cyprus

If you are on this page, then you are interested in the possibility of obtaining in Cyprus Residence permit when purchasing real estate. We have identified the main advantages that open up to every potential investor.

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It's fast and legal

Investing in real estate in Cyprus allows the investor to immediately gain a view of residence - residence permit category F. Buying an apartment in a residential complex or a private villa gives also the right to permanent residence in Cyprus under the PRP program with the possibility of traveling to within the EU under simplified visa requirements. To move to Cyprus for permanent residence and acquire legal status should be requested. You will receive official permission in 2-4 months, however, you will be able to legally reside in the country immediately after the submission of documents for registration of permanent residence.

It's promising

Some time after the purchase, the investor can count on the citizenship of Cyprus. It's possible subject to residence in the country for 7 years (for IT employees - 5 years).

Permanent residence in Cyprus for real estate -
a unique type of transaction and one of the fastest ways to get
this status in an EU country

It's profitable and practical.
Demand for property in a sunny region overlooking the Mediterranean is constantly growing and in 2022, investing does not lose its relevance. Today a residence permit in Cyprus when buying real estate is attractive for a number of other reasons:
Efficiency of paperwork for simplified and comfortable obtaining a residence permit / permanent residence.
Broad business prospects thanks to the system adopted in Cyprus taxation and a booming economy.
Relatively low investment in the country's economy with full transparency of transactions with real estate.
The strategic geographical location and developed infrastructure of the island for successful entrepreneurship.
Granting a residence permit to the whole family, taking into account the next of kin.
Opportunity to receive high-quality medical care and a high level education.
Untimely validity of citizenship documents in Cyprus for real estate.
The entry of Cyprus into the top five safest countries in the world with the lowest level of crime in Europe.
No need to learn a language for a residence permit or permanent residence.

Our facilities for permanent residence

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Conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus for real estate

Permanent residence - legal status, confirmed by an official document (permission to reside within the country).

In order for you to be able to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus without obstacles in 2022, we recommend read the key terms:

The amount of investment in real estate starts from 300,000 euros, of which 200,000 euros - sufficient amount to start registration of permanent residence.
The property
The purchase of a house or apartment for a residence permit and permanent residence must be carried out from a developer company and be your first real estate purchase in Cyprus.
The declared annual income must be stable in the long term, come from legal sources from abroad, as well as a minimum of 50,000 euros per family.

List of documents

which will be needed for obtaining permanent residence and residence permit in Cyprus for real estate:
A copy of the sales agreement or existing title deed.
Bank statements inside and outside the country.
Certificate from the country of residence confirming the absence of a criminal record.
Certificates of marriage and birth of children: translation, photocopies and apostille.
Original passport with copies of all pages.

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Everyone who plans to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus for investment in real estate also wants to be confident in its quality and compliance with individual wishes. That is why it is worth trust experienced developers who have proven the highest level of professionalism.

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