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Russian Federation

Become a partner

How to become our partner
7 499 1107888
For partners from Russia
8000 8384
For partners from Cyprus
How to become our partner

Becoming our partner is easy! If you are in Russia: in order to become an agent - you only need to take one step - to make a free call by calling the number 7 499 1107888 to the Moscow representative office of our company and receive comprehensive information.

If you enjoy the sun and the magnificent beaches of Cyprus - call the company's central office by phone +357 - 25 322 112, +357 - 25 322 113, or for free number 8000 8384 and we will do our best to start cooperation in the near future.

If you are in another country, for example, China, India, Iran or any other, just write us a message and leave your contact information, and we will contact you.

For our Partners who will bring the real Buyer, in case of successful completion of the sale, we provide a high agency commission.

Available on the App Store and Google Play
Install our Mobile App to chat directly with Sales staff!
Available on the App Store and Google Play
Install our Mobile App to chat directly with Sales staff!
In which case can you refuse to register my client?

If this client has already been registered through our other agent / partner, we may refuse to register this client for you.

How can you help me attract customers?

The Property Gallery will help you attract new customers through seminars and presentations for your potential customers in your area. <br /> Our new mobile app is also a powerful sales tool that saves time. This app will help you start your own business. In addition, we can provide you with the necessary promotional materials upon request (catalogs, brochures, price lists and plans).

Can I arrange a viewing tour for potential buyers?

Yes, you personally, or your representative can do this. But keep in mind that you bear all expenses at your own expense.

Do you assist clients in submitting documents for permanent residence or for obtaining citizenship?

Yes, we can help your clients apply for a permanent residence permit or obtain citizenship through investment.