Rental property in Cyprus

Rental property in Cyprus
How to rent out apartments in Cyprus with profit?
Buying property in Cyprus is not the most difficult procedure. It is much more difficult to maintain the acquired housing in proper condition, to pay all taxes on time. It is even more difficult to find tenants on your own to rent out your property in Cyprus. Solving all these issues is not easy without the support of professionals. P.L. employees Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. We are ready to help you and take care of all organizational issues. How profitable to rent and rent property in Cyprus? The most significant reason for contacting specialists for short-term or long-term rental housing is legal requirements. In Cyprus, real estate can be provided for temporary use only through real estate agencies and developers. At the same time, turning to professionals comes with a whole range of advantages.
  1. Convenience of renting apartments in Cyprus.
  2. Financial and legal security.
  3. No difficulties caused by language or cultural barriers.

By entrusting the long-term or short-term rental of commercial and residential real estate in Cyprus to our employees, you can be sure of the security of the transaction. Even in the event of your long absence, technical and financial issues will be under the control of professionals.

The range of services for renting apartments in Cyprus includes:

  1. Search for private clients and organizations for the delivery of a residential or commercial facility.
  2. Rental property management.
  3. Organization of visits to the rented premises.
  4. Maintain communication between tenant and owner.
  5. Collection and payment of expenses for the maintenance of the common area.
Where is the best place to rent property in Cyprus?
For those who have not yet decided where it is better to buy real estate for rent, we will tell you about the features of the resorts of Cyprus. A large selection of VIP-property offers Paphos. This elite resort attracts tourists with its picturesque nature, historical sights and high level of service. The city has an international airport. Luxury villas or expensive apartments on the beach are rented here. For a relaxing holiday with the family choose Larnaca. There is an airport, comfortable beaches and all the necessary infrastructure. Housing is cheaper than in Paphos. Renting property in Limassol is also in demand. This is the second largest city in the country, which is especially popular with Russians. This is the business center of Cyprus. In Limassol itself and the surrounding area, there are ample opportunities for employment. Those who seek solitude often rent accommodation on the slopes of the mountains near Limassol or Paphos. There is clean air and breathtaking seascapes. This type of property is often chosen for long-term residence. In Property Gallery Developers, you can buy objects for rent of different classes in different parts of Cyprus. With us, your investment will quickly pay off.

Why should you trust us to rent apartments in Cyprus?

Property Gallery has been operating in the Cyprus real estate market for over 18 years. We are the largest developer in the region and have accumulated sufficient experience in this area.

Over the years of its activity, our company has won the trust of hundreds of customers and business partners, which it still values ​​today. The staff employs only experienced professionals who know all the intricacies of selling and renting apartments in Cyprus. We offer our clients not only favorable and convenient terms of cooperation, low commission rates, but also a whole range of related services:

  1. legal support of transactions;
  2. solution of migration issues;
  3. sale of residential and commercial real estate in Cyprus;
  4. landscaping and landscaping;
  5. Interior Design.

If you have any questions about the terms of cooperation, please contact P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd.