National Language and Public Holidays

Languages ​​spoken

Greek is the official language of Cyprus. It is widely spread in the southern part of the Republic. Turkish is considered the official language in the northern part. Since Cyprus is in high demand among tourists from different countries, so almost everyone here speaks English. A great number of Russian and CIS citizens led to the spread of Russian in certain regions of the Republic.

Cyprus National Holidays

If you plan to move to Cyprus for permanent residence or simply want to spend your vacation there, it is recommended to know the main public holidays. 

The days listed below are days off in the Republic of Cyprus. On national holidays, all public services, private enterprises, banks and shops are closed, although many shops and certain companies operate on the coast.

Banks are closed on Easter Tuesday, but open on Easter Eve.

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • January 6 - Epiphanius (Adoration of the 3rd Magi)
  • March 25 - Greek Independence Day
  • April 1 - Cyprus National Day
  • May 1 - Labor Day
  • August 15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • October 1 - Cyprus Independence Day
  • October 28 - Greek National Holiday
  • December 25 - Christmas
  • December 26 - Boxing Day
  • Variable date - Green Monday (50 days before the start of Greek Orthodox Easter)
  • Variable Date - Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church)
  • Variable date - Great (Holy) Saturday
  • Variable Date - Easter
  • Variable Date - Easter Monday (Greek Orthodox Church)
  • Variable Date - Easter Tuesday
  • Variable Date - Perfume Day

Features of public holidays

All these days are considered official holidays in Cyprus. This means that state institutions, as well as many commercial ones, including banks, are closed. The working hours remain unchanged only for stores and emergency services. On holidays, Cypriots often visit their friends and relatives, hold festive events. Some regions also have their own holidays. Some of the dates are also recognized as holidays by the government of a particular county.  

In addition to the specified holiday dates, there are holidays with variable days. For example, Easter, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday, Whit Monday and Green Monday (celebrated 50 days before the start of Greek Easter), Apocria.