Apollo won the Limassol derby

Property Gallery Apollo

Robo Markets AEL maintained a small lead of 2-3 points, 14-17. However, the Apollo Property Gallery reduced the breathing distance to 17-18. The "blues" turned the data in the set after they overtook with 22-20 to win 25-21 in 28 'and to lead 1-0.

The team of St. Masia got better in the second set and was at +4 04-08, but as in the first set, the players of Giannis Giapanis reduced to one point, but Robo Markets AEL increased again to three 07-10. The derby was full of nerves with Property Gallery Apollon tying 13-13, but Robo Markets AEL regaining the small lead in the score 16-19 and 17-20. The "blue" did not lose contact with the score after reducing to 21-22 but the "blue-yellows" had the lead. G. Giapanis 'team took the lead 23-22 to win in 31' 25-23 and take a clear lead in the derby with 2-0 sets.

With the weight of 0-2, Robo Markets AEL seemed to react and took the initiative with the favor of 06-12. Property Gallery Apollo attempted to return and reduced to 4 10-14. The "blue-yellows" seemed to control the third set 11-16 and 15-20 at a critical point. However, for the third consecutive set, Property Gallery Apollon reacted and tied 20-20. Both teams gave their all to dominate the set and the match went point by point. Robo Markets AEL led 21-22, but Property Gallery Apollon led 24-23 to take the set 25-23 in 34 ', winning the Limassol derby 3-0.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Konstantinou, Kriskova, Lavruk, Iordanous, Lambrou, Ventura - Libero: Christoforou - Changes: Simanovski.

Robo Markets AEL (ST. MASIAS): Janara, Pechlivani, Spyrou, Katsounotou, da Silva, Pavlou - Libero 1: Kokki, Libero 2: Konstantinou - Changes: Gryban - Stefanidi.