Apollon: The registrations of the volleyball academy

Property Gallery Apollo

In addition to upgrading the women's team, a big goal set by the Apollo Property Gallery is to make the department's academies even better.

Our team has always attached great importance to the academies and the work done is a model for many. After all, it is no coincidence that many athletes who excel in the field, started from our own academies.

A bigger example is Katerina Zakhaiou who from this year will play in the famous Italian championship and it is our great pleasure for this event and on the occasion to wish her good luck again. But also Evita Leonidou who has been playing for Panathinaikos for the last two years.

There are many examples, but we will not dwell on that, as that is not our purpose. So our goal is to continue in the right job and year after year to upgrade this piece, offering young children better sports conditions.

In this context, the Apollo Property Gallery announces the start of registration for our academies and at a later stage we will provide more information.

For registrations and details you can contact Messrs. Louka Chatzikostanta (99575090) and Mario Panagidis (99438363).