Best place to buy property in Cyprus - Limassol resort

Best place to buy property in Cyprus - Limassol resort

Accommodation in Limassol: comfort, safety and vivid impressions

Here you will not feel isolated even with zero knowledge of foreign languages: approximately every tenth inhabitant of this city is our compatriot. The popularity of Limassol among Russians is evidenced by the fact that it has become the second city outside the Russian Federation (after Venice) for which the Dubl-GIS directory has developed an electronic map.

The beaches of South Cyprus are swimming season from May to November. The purest volcanic sand is comfortable for the body, and a safe gentle descent to the water will delight the elderly and parents vacationing with children. By the way, there is a whole entertainment infrastructure at the service of children: a water park, amusement parks and a zoo, not to mention countless educational and entertainment programs. If you intend to buy housing and stay in Limassol all year round, then English-speaking schools and colleges will give your children a sufficient level of preparation for admission to European universities.

Not everyone knows that there are ski resorts in Cyprus: just an hour's drive from Limassol is the Troodos nature reserve with five slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. The ski season in Cyprus lasts from December to early April. And in the summer season, the same Troodos will offer you hiking and cycling trails, where you can admire the mountain landscapes and take a break from the heat prevailing on the coast. By the way, the highest mountain in Cyprus (1950 m) is called Olympus.

Limassol also has another face - the face of a modern business city. More than 300 enterprises that do not violate the impeccable ecology of the island, one of the largest fleets in Europe and more than 60 shipping companies with a huge turnover. For several millennia, Cyprus, located at the crossroads of the most important sea routes, was one of the key trade centers of the Mediterranean - and has not changed this tradition to this day.

Limassol - ancient and modern

Limassol has an active cultural life all year round. In September, the Wine Festival takes place here, attracting tourists from all over the world. Art lovers will receive a lot of information and impressions - which is worth one Theater Festival, which takes place in Limassol in the summer! The ancient port city of Amaphunta (Amathus) to the east of Limassol is a paradise for history and archeology lovers: during the excavations of this ancient center of Mediterranean civilization, the ruins of the acropolis, the temple of Aphrodite, the market, Christian basilicas and much more were found. Fans of the secular lifestyle will appreciate the abundance of clubs, boutiques and salons. At night, life in the city center is in full swing - shopping centers and restaurants work, music sounds, young people hang out.

The main cultural and historical attractions of Limassol:

  • Medieval Museum of Cyprus (castle XII-XIII centuries)
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Ayia Napa Cathedral (XIX century)
  • Theater Museum
  • Municipal Theater Pattihio (concerts, theater performances)
  • Rialto Theater (opera, ballet, theater, cinema)
  • City Library (Pilavakis Mansion) - owned by the Cyprus University of Technology
  • Ancient cities of Kourion and Amathus (in the vicinity of Limassol)
  • Aliki Limassol wetland complex (protected area of ​​international importance)

How to buy property in Cyprus - in Limassol

Buy real estate in Cyprus in Limassol To the services of Russians - thousands of offers from developers and real estate agencies. Although Limassol is renowned as a prestigious resort, the housing market here is quite diverse and adapts flexibly to demand. The segment of luxury housing is richly represented: these are luxurious villas on the first line with their own access to the sea, and mansions in the very heart of the city, where life does not stop around the clock. There will be no problems with the purchase of housing in the middle price category. Taking into account the fact that Limassol is actively developing and attracting tourists and business people from all over the world, this purchase will also be a profitable investment for you - whether we are talking about residential or commercial real estate.

It is almost impossible to buy real estate in Cyprus, and in particular in Limassol, independently and without intermediaries, due to the language barrier and ignorance of the specifics of the local market and legislation. Therefore, take the time to check the legal status and reputation of the agency (realtor), whose services you are going to resort to - in particular, ask how many successful transactions they have made where you are going to buy housing. Give preference to agencies that have been on the market for at least several years, have a large database of real estate objects and provide a full range of transaction support services.