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Buying a villa in Cyprus: what you need to know

Buying a villa in Cyprus: what you need to know

Villas in Cyprus are a luxury segment of residential real estate, and such a purchase should be treated with redoubled attention. Indeed, in fact, you are investing a lot of money in an ideal living environment, in your comfort and status. In addition, the last 2-3 years have seen an increase in prices for Cyprus residential and commercial real estate, so buying a villa in Cyprus can be considered a good investment. A villa is a separate residential building (most often two-three-storey), fully furnished. In Cyprus, the number of rooms is measured by bedrooms, that is, the living room, kitchen and hall are meant. Usually a villa has from 3 to 5 bedrooms, which allows you to live with a large family or receive a large number of guests without hesitation. There are at least two bathrooms plus several bathrooms.

An obligatory attribute of a villa is a large landscaped plot of land, which usually includes a swimming pool, garden (or green terrace), summer terrace and parking for several cars. The flat roof of the villa can also serve as a summer vacation spot. Luxury villas on the first line to the sea can have their own access to the water or even a yacht dock. It should be noted that realtors "for the sake of a word" can call a standard country house a villa, therefore, when considering ads, be sure to specify the degree of livability and the nature of the adjacent land plot.

Buy a villa in Cyprus - conditions, terms, money, bonuses

Buying a villa in Cyprus It is quite simple for a Russian to buy a villa in Cyprus - this type of real estate is offered by many real estate agencies. To do this, you do not need to have either EU citizenship or a residence permit. Cypriot banks, in agreement with the developer, issue a mortgage loan in the amount of up to 70% of the value of the property. Calculate the cost of maintaining a house and land: an average villa with a pool will cost about 3 thousand euros per year. Find out in advance the amount of taxes and fees associated with the purchase of real estate. All documents and certificates that you use to conclude a transaction and obtain a mortgage loan must have a notarized translation into Greek or English (real estate agencies usually offer this service).

Buy a villa in Cyprus The government of Cyprus is interested in foreign investment, and for wealthy property buyers there are very tangible bonuses. So, a villa of 300-400 m2 in a prestigious area (for example, in Limassol, popular among Russians) costs from 2 million euros, which means that when you buy a villa in Cyprus, you and your family receive a Cypriot passport and become citizens of the European Union with all the consequences rights and benefits. For many wealthy Russians, buying a villa in Cyprus is the shortest path to the EU.

Buying a villa in Cyprus: choosing a place

Buy a villa in Cyprus in Limassol Prices for villas vary significantly depending on the location. General rule: the closer to the sea - the more expensive, and vice versa. Cyprus has cities with modern infrastructure and a busy business life, and picturesque patriarchal corners. All of them are united by impeccable ecology, comfort and safety. Depending on their needs and ideas about comfort, everyone can choose the best place to buy residential property in Cyprus:

  • Limassol is an ideal choice to buy a Villa in Cyprus if you need a developed infrastructure, business activity, a vibrant social life and a Russian-speaking environment (more than 10% of Limassol residents are citizens of the former CIS). One of the most expensive and most sought-after cities in Cyprus
  • Paphos - "as you name the yacht, so it will float." Perhaps this is the most prestigious city in Cyprus, as if specially created for connoisseurs of beauty, luxury and comfort.
  • Larnaca is a good city for tourism and business, which leads to quite high real estate prices. In the suburbs of Larnaca, housing is much more affordable
  • Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, a cultural, historical and scientific center. Your grown-up children can get an excellent education at one of the six metropolitan universities
  • Polis is a developing tourism center with growing popularity. Buying real estate in it will be an excellent investment
  • Ayia Napa is a youth and family resort with pristine beaches, an active nightlife and an abundance of entertainment
  • Protaras - a quiet corner with sandy beaches for lovers of measured relaxation

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