Caelia Residences

Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences
Project Features
4 floors
Block A - 11 Apartments Block B - 11 Apartments
400m from the sea
From 70 m²
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Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences

Caelia Residences have a special design that differs significantly from the usual Limassol residential buildings.

A truly avant-garde residential complex consisting of two stylish blocks A and B - each with 11 spacious apartments.

What really makes you pay attention to "Caelia" is, first of all, beautiful views, location in a green oasis and quiet area. At the same time, the complex is located next to the most famous and clean beach of Limassol - Dassoudi, and within walking distance from shops, restaurants, fitness centers and beauty salons.

Bus stops are located nearby, which is important for those family members who do not drive vehicles, as well as for people who are invited to clean the premises.

The landscaped gardens created by specialists attract the attention of the guests of the complex, as neat and stylish manicured landscapes are not a big luxury in Limassol.

A large swimming pool with an adjacent cozy area for relaxation is intended exclusively for the residents of the complex and their guests, here you will be provided with a feeling of comfort and complete immersion in your thoughts, an interesting book or conversations with loved ones.


Caelia Residences
Caelia Residences

Caelia Residence is a place for those who prefer the city to a secluded village, who love a combination of comfort and minimalism, who do not agree to compromises and are determined to provide the best conditions for their lives and those they love most.

What do you get with keys from Caelia Residence?

  1. Possibility of daily walks in the Dassudi eucalyptus park before and after work, as the park is located within walking distance from the complex.
  2. Enjoy a clean, well-equipped beach at any time of the day
  3. Absolute absence of city noise
  4. Beautiful panoramic views from the windows
  5. The feeling of complete security and a unique residence
  6. Convenience of parking and solving problems with storage of things - thanks to spacious storage rooms and large parking spaces
  7. Opportunity to improve your cycling skills on a daily basis - thanks to the availability of comfortable bike paths near the complex.
  8. The pleasure of observing the joyful emotions of children, for whom there is a large playground on the territory of "Caelia".
  9. Beautiful warm sunrises and orders, replacing the sky with a starry canvas
  10. Full after-sales support from PROPERTY GALLERY specialists on all issues related not only to the operation of the building and maintenance of the territory, but also to all kinds of tasks that are solved easily and in the best possible way.

Caelia Residences

What is CAELIA in multiple points?

  • Indoor and outdoor parking spaces / Communal pool with bar
  • Green guarded area on the territory of the complex / Spacious bathrooms in the central bedrooms
  • Laminate floors in bedrooms / Automatic gates
  • Quiet location, great location / Proximity to the most sought after restaurants, beach, shops, pharmacies, cafes and beauty centers.

What else?

Of course, these are well-thought-out layouts of apartments for maximum comfort, which is extremely important when choosing a property, especially when it comes to buying for your own residence or for your loved ones. Large panoramic windows and spacious verandas provide apartments with warm soft light, making the room visually even larger. High ceilings avoid the feeling of stiffness and pressure.

Expensive finishing materials guarantee a long service life and protect against the problems faced by many who have purchased their property from not very decent sellers.

Strong double-glazed windows will provide warmth even in winter, while in other buildings in November the wind in the apartments is much more severe than on the street. Also, there are nets that protect from dust, which is not a very pleasant phenomenon.

Choose the best possible, trust those who deserve your choice.

The Energy Efficiency of this building is rated B+.

Territory Plan
Territory Plan
>Territory Plan
Floor plan
Floor plan
5 floor
5 этаж
4 floor
4 этаж
3 floor
3 этаж
2 floor
2 этаж
1 floor
1 этаж
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