European citizenship

How to get EU citizenship?
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How to get EU citizenship?

The passport of an EU member state, including Cyprus, gives numerous rights in different areas. Therefore, among the inhabitants of many countries, there are a lot of people who want to obtain European citizenship. There are many of them among the Russians. Property Gallery Developers will help to realize this desire in the shortest possible time.

In the Republic of Cyprus, there was previously an opportunity to obtain a citizen's passport for investment. As of November 1, 2020, this program has been suspended.

Today, the island's legislation allows obtaining permanent residence for an investment of €300,000 or more.

The main advantages of obtaining Cyprus citizenship under the investment program:

EU citizenship is a status that allows you to freely travel around Europe, work and enjoy other rights on the territory of this state association.

What gives EU citizenship?

  • Possibility to settle in the territory of any EU member state.
  • Employment without a work permit and study at a university.
  • Visa-free visits to the Schengen area, USA, Canada and many other countries (more than 142).
  • Comfortable conditions for business development. In Cyprus, preferential taxes.
  • Appeal for protection to international institutions: the Petition Commission of the European Parliament and the Commissioner for Civilian Affairs.
  • Voting rights: to participate in elections to local governments as a voter and candidate.

The benefits of EU citizen status are received not only by the applicant himself, but also by his family members.

Are there any additional benefits of Cypriot citizenship?

  • High quality of life and security in the country.
  • Mild climate, warm sea and clean beaches.
  • Thoughtful infrastructure.
  • Wide employment opportunities.
  • Ideal conditions for successful business development (economic stability, security of deposits, etc.).
  • Advanced medicine.
  • Friendly attitude of residents to visitors.
  • A large Russian-speaking diaspora and schools teaching in Russian.
How to get EU citizenship?

Today in Cyprus, you can obtain citizenship in the following ways:

  1. Naturalization: from 7 years of residence with the status of a residence permit and from 5 years - with permanent residence.
  2. By entering into marriage with a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus.
  3. By origin (birth from a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus).

In which European country is it easier to obtain citizenship?

In Cyprus, it is quite easy to become a citizen, including a Russian. Foreigners can obtain a Cypriot passport in exchange for permanent residence investment. And with this status, becoming a citizen of Cyprus is much faster than without it.

How to obtain EU citizenship for a citizen of the Russian Federation?

There are no additional restrictions for Russians in Cyprus. The same rules apply as for citizens of other countries.

How to get citizenship of the European Union (EU) by investment?

When a special program was in effect, a number of conditions had to be met.

  • Invest at least 2 million euros in the country's economy.
  • Have a Schengen visa.
  • Donate €75,000 each to the Innovation Promotion Fund and the Cyprus Land Development Corporation.
  • Successfully pass a personal check on the reliability and legality of the invested funds.

It was possible to invest in opening a company with local employees, real estate or securities. Citizenship was issued up to 6 months.

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Which European countries allow dual citizenship?

It is not prohibited in Cyprus. You can remain a citizen of the Russian Federation and apply for Cypriot citizenship.

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