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Citizenship through Investment

Where can I invest to get Citizenship:
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Where can I invest to get Citizenship:
  • In residential properties.
  • For commercial real estate.
  • In Government bonds.
  • The financial assets of Cyprus companies.
  • In setting up and running a business in Cyprus, provided that the main office is located in Cyprus and has at least 5 local employees (Cypriots).
  • A combination of some or all of the above options, provided that the investment in your own residential property is at least € 500,000. One option is to purchase commercial property for your own business in Cyprus for the remaining necessary amount (€ 2,000,000).
  • To PGF Investment Fund

Cyprus has suspended its citizenship-by-investment program, in its current form, effective from 1 November 2020.

What is required to participate in the Citizenship through Investment program?
  • € 2,000,000 investment. The minimum investment amount is € 2.0 million (+ VAT, if applicable).
  • Lack of criminal record. The applicants have no criminal record (including family members).
  • Investments for a period of 3 years Investment placement period: at least 3 years.
  • € 500,000 amount of property. The investor must have property in Cyprus, worth at least € 500,000. If the entire amount of the necessary investment was directed to the purchase of residential real estate, this requirement does not apply.