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Great victory - always number one

Property Gallery Apollo

Then, Anorthosis regrouped, took the third set as it was superior and fought until the end of the fourth. However, the Apollo Property Gallery overturned a difference of five points and got a set and a victory.

Property Gallery Apollon played very good volleyball in the first two sets winning 25-17 and 25-17 in 25 and 24 minutes respectively.

The "blues" secured big differences - in the second set they were ahead 13-06 and easily won the sets.

Anorthosis entered the third set. Initially, it was ahead 07-09 and increased to 12-17. Property Gallery Apollon, however, pressed and reduced to 17-21. The "Big Lady" finally managed to win 19-25 in 24 ', reducing the derby to 1-2.

G. Giapanis' team made an encouraging start in the fourth set, when they were ahead with 03-01. The set, however, was a great derby. Property Gallery Apollon had the lead until 09-08. Anorthosis, however, took the reins and overtook 10-15. At that point, however, the "blues" made their counterattack and managed to lead 19-17.

Anorthosis equalized 19-19, but almost immediately the Property Gallery Apollon was ahead with two points 21-19, but again the girls of Al. Boscovic tied 21-21.

New lead for Property Gallery Apollon 23-21, which had the psychology on its side, finally winning the great set with 25-22 in 27 '. Property Gallery Apollon prevailed with 3-1 sets.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Ventura, Lavruk, Konstantinou, Lambrou, Iordanous, Perez - Libero 1: Christoforou, Libero 2: Zakhaiou. - Changes: Simanowski.

ΑΝΟΡΘΩΣΙΣ (AL. BOSCOVIC): Riala, Zembyla, Btatunhina, Vassiliou, Caetano, Charalambous - Libero: Daid - - Changes: Ioannou.