How much does a house in Cyprus cost


Cyprus is a popular resort with a gentle sea, mild climate, picturesque landscapes and rich history. This is a small island state, where many tourists from all over the world come every year.

Real estate in the Mediterranean resort is an attractive investment option, which gives a lot of bonuses in the form of good ecology, beautiful scenery, rich culture. Therefore, many foreigners are considering the option of buying a home on the island for recreation, living and doing business.

The cost of housing in Cyprus corresponds to its high status. Attractive for buying and renting villas, houses are located in different regions of the state. For sale are apartments in new buildings, houses with a long history, villas, townhouses and bungalows by the sea. Options for every taste for the most demanding customer.
The cost of residential and commercial property in Cyprus is based on the following factors:

  • location - prices for objects near the sea, surrounded by mountains and in a big city are different;
  • region - the most expensive apartments in Limassol, similar options in Paphos or Larnaca will cost much less;
  • real estate class - objects on the secondary market will cost less, for lovers of expensive and exclusive - premium apartments, luxury villas, luxury houses on the coast;
  • area - a small bungalow or a luxury villa with a sea surf outside the window are priced differently.

Commercial real estate is also in great demand: hotels, offices, restaurants, shops, entertainment centers. The object can be bought together with equipment, equipment and even a client base. This is a great investment opportunity to start a business in Cyprus. The cost of the object depends on the location, profitability, condition, distance from the coast.

You can choose an attractive real estate option for living and investing on our website. Here is a large selection of residential and commercial real estate from the developer at the most attractive prices.

The offered objects are located in popular resort regions: Limassol, Pissouri, Platres. Employees of the company will help to buy a villa, apartment, cottage, office building, retail space, taking into account the preferences and wishes of the client.

How to buy a house in Cyprus?

Cyprus attracts citizens of other countries who would like to change their place of residence or make a profitable investment. In 2022, the demand for real estate in the island state has increased significantly, and objects of different price categories have become in demand.

Europeans most often consider Cyprus as an option to move to a country with a warm climate and picturesque locations. Several factors to consider when choosing a house in Cyprus:

  • real estate prices are rising and will continue to rise, especially in big cities and resort areas;
  • it is most profitable to buy housing at the development stage, since good objects are dismantled immediately;
  • for the purpose of investment, it is better to choose liquid housing that can be rented out or, if necessary, sold;
  • it is most profitable to invest in objects with a small area;
  • buying housing for rent brings up to 8% per annum profit - an excellent option for passive income.

When buying a house in Cyprus, an important role is played by the location, class of housing, area, nearest infrastructure, view from the window, distance from the city center or the beach.

The following options are available for purchase:

  • Secondary market
    Here are affordable options for housing built from 5 to 15 years ago - these are houses, townhouses. In addition to the low price, the location is also an advantage - these objects were built in the most promising places in terms of development, the places where today the land is the most expensive. Housing can be bought with a good repair and furniture.
  • New buildings
    Today there is an increased demand for houses and villas in new residential complexes. They are usually bought up at the stage of construction, when you can choose housing of a certain layout. Choosing this option, the buyer receives a promising object for living or renting.
  • Houses, villas, bungalows
    An option for those who like to feel freedom, being in a large space. Houses are purchased for living all year round, as well as for renting out.
    Objects with cozy recreation areas, a swimming pool, well-groomed lawns will require more effort and investment, but they will pay off with interest due to all the advantages.
    The cost of housing varies and depends on the area, number of storeys, location. The price can be from several tens of thousands of euros for a small house to several tens of millions for a luxury villa on the coast.
  • Townhouses, maisonettes
    Small houses that combine the advantages of a house and an apartment. They are very democratic in price and at the same time have a high level of comfort.

Buying property in Cyprus allows you to obtain permanent residence status under an accelerated procedure. At the same time, it can be issued remotely without visiting the island. In order to manage your money wisely and purchase profitable housing, it is better to contact trusted developers.

How much does a house in Cyprus cost by the sea?

Due to the increased demand, prices for housing of various types and categories are rising. Citizens of European and other countries wish to buy a villa in Cyprus in order to acquire a comfortable place to relax by the sea. Many move to a permanent place of residence, receiving the status of a resident and the opportunity to engage in labor activity.

Objects on the coast are the most attractive option for living and investing. These are houses that are located in cities such as Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca. Objects on the first coastline, from where a beautiful view opens, are priced the most. The most profitable houses are located here, which bring constant income during the tourist season.

Most often in coastal areas, housing is rented to vacationers, but you can also choose an option for living. Near the sea in the Property Gallery you can buy the following types of real estate:

  • Bungalow. A luxurious country house in Limassol overlooking the bay and next to the Pissouri National Park will cost 435 thousand euros. 130 sq. m. has three bedrooms, on the site - a private pool, green lawns, places to relax. The price starts from 435 thousand euros.
  • Villa. Design projects are located in a picturesque area with panoramic sea views. Buyers are offered objects with different areas - from 111 to 880 square meters. m., with spacious rooms, exclusive interior, 2-4 bedrooms, swimming pool, garden, terrace, easy access to the city center. Prices range from 280 thousand to 8 million euros.
  • Maisonette. Housing on the Mediterranean coast in the picturesque tourist town of Limassol. Luxurious and comfortable properties with two bedrooms, a patio, a swimming pool and a roof garden will cost 650 thousand euros.

Our website presents properties available for purchase, located in an ecological green area overlooking the sea. Here you can choose a project or finished housing, taking into account the requirements regarding location, area, number of bedrooms, design and other important parameters. Employees of the company will help you make the right choice, taking into account the budget and wishes of the client.

How much does it cost to rent a house in Cyprus for a month?

Before buying a villa in Cyprus, you can first rent a house for a while in order to appreciate all the delights of life on the Mediterranean coast and finally make your choice. This is a more profitable option if the object is not used all year round, but for a limited time. On the island, real estate can be rented for a short or long term. The cost of the service depends on such features as:

  • proximity to the sea;
  • lease term;
  • object area;
  • availability of developed infrastructure;
  • season.

You can rent a bungalow, villa, cottage or maisonette on the coast.

To enjoy a quiet holiday and beautiful landscapes, choose accommodation in Larnaca. Renting a house in Paphos will allow you to see the sights and appreciate the culture of the Mediterranean. Ayia Napa is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, where houses are in high demand during the tourist season.
Renting a house in Limassol will be more expensive than in Paphos or Larnaca. This city has a developed infrastructure, good location, pleasant climate and an abundance of entertainment. Long-term rental housing is more profitable than short-term. If you rent a property outside the tourist season, you can further save.

In the Property Gallery, you can choose a suitable option that suits you according to all characteristics, and conclude a contract for a period of a month or more. You can choose from real estate of different classes - from small cottages to luxurious villas. Showing housing is possible in a remote format before departure to Cyprus.

The company also offers a range of related services for a comfortable stay. Specialists guarantee the security of the transaction and offer new objects for rent that meet modern quality standards.