Le Platres Chalet

Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet
Project Features
2 floors
19 Villas
35km from the sea
FROM 910 M²
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Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet - mountain paradise

Platres is a place, since ancient times, marked by the kings of different countries as the best corner of Cyprus with crystal clear mountain air and endlessly beautiful views of the green hills. If you have ever seen pictures and photographs of the powerful cascading waterfalls of Cyprus, then these are exactly the waterfalls that are located in the amazing and variously impressive Platres. Did you know that the world famous Shakespeare, Lorenz Darell, Daphne Du Mourier and Seferis wrote about Cyprus, getting inspiration in cozy Platres.

Sea or mountains? In the last century, the preference was always given to the latter: vacationers arrived at the port of Limassol, left it in their luxurious cars and drove them to Platres, a calm, quiet and popular among the high society of that time. Already on the way to Platres, stunning views, a winding road, green tops of fir trees create a special atmosphere and set you up for a carefree beautiful vacation. On the way, we came across small picturesque villages, the kind friendly inhabitants of which with smiles treated them to homemade local sweets and fresh fruits.

If you go back to our days, then today Platres remains a popular holiday destination and even permanent residence in Cyprus. Most of the locals own summer cottages in Platres, more successful and far-sighted - they managed to purchase several properties in Platres, which are always, year-round, in great demand for rent and sale. Platres is cool and sultry in summer, amazingly beautiful in spring, autumn and winter. In winter, Platres can be seen. Just 20 minutes drive from Limassol - and you are surrounded by lush greenery and various sounds of the nature of Platres.

Be sure to stop at the popular Trimiklini market for many years, where you can buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, honey and nuts, teas. In addition to the village market, in Platres you can find everything and all the best - from real thick hot chocolate to a charming, cozy, multifaceted hotel with the most sincere service and delicious cuisine - Petit Palais Platres Boutique Hotel.That is why Platres was chosen to create the Le Platres Chalet project.

Le Platres Chalet
Le Platres Chalet

A bright sunset, a fantastic view, silence, crystal clear mountain air - ideal for relaxation and comfortable life. If you add to this wooden houses with impeccable planning and perfect finishes, where every little detail is thought out, all the details are taken into account - this is Le Platres Chalet. Le Platres Chalet was created taking into account the specifics of the mountain climate of Cyprus, the natural conditions of the area and providing absolute comfort to the owners of chalets that are impeccable in every sense.

The concept of the building's exterior blends seamlessly with the mountainous landscape of Platres, where the chalets are located. The natural materials used in the construction of the chalet emphasize the style born from the Alpine mountains. This style, which is gaining more and more popularity, is especially appreciated among those who seek solitude, silence, love to combine beauty, comfort and warmth. Literally translated, "chalet" is an ordinary shepherd's hut, for the first time a chalet was created to protect from bad weather in the Alps. The main differences between the chalet are its reliable construction, which combines showiness, durability, warmth and comfort.

The most important part of the Chalet is always the eastern facades, which look at the sunrises and beautiful slopes. Today the Chalet is luxury, sophistication, harmoniously combining expensive wood and stone species. A stone base, lots of wood and a sloping base are the hallmarks of the Chalet. An integral part of the Chalet is a luxurious terrace, natural colors in stone and wood palettes, a large number of panoramic windows and, of course, the location - on the top (on a hill or slope).

Huge verandas with beautiful endless views of the mountain peaks immersed in greenery are arranged in such a way that they provide a beautiful panorama and protect from the wind. Spacious kitchens, large living rooms, cozy bedrooms, comfortable bathrooms, high ceilings - in these chalets you will never feel crowded, even when organizing celebrations and friendly parties.

Separately, it is worth noting the thoughtful layout of the chalet, when everything is created for maximum comfort, from parking and resting places to the number of doors, panoramic windows and the sequence of the arrangement of rooms for different purposes. The interior design experts have given special attention and care to the selection of furniture and accessories for the chalet. The main goal was to arrange the space in such a way as to create a place for relaxation and energy filling, creation and creativity, a harmonious and happy life. And the result absolutely exceeded our expectations.
Le Platres Chalet

Technical specifications:

  • Super Thermal insulating glass units with voids filled with laminated glass for increased energy efficiency.
  • German parquet, Italian tiles.
  • Front door to the apartment with security; certified 60-minute fire rating; finishes on both sides in selected melamine with accessories in brushed stainless steel.
  • Quality Italian door.
  • Laminate to order; soft closing doors; complete with shelves, hangers and drawers with soft closure.
  • Providing hot and cold air conditioning
  • Bathrooms are equipped with an electric heated towel rail.
  • Mechanical ventilation system, for bathrooms and toilets without windows,
  • Lighting with low voltage recessed luminaires and LED strip.
  • Italian style kitchens to order Frame: melamine.
  • Facades: laminate to order; soft closing system.
  • Work surfaces: high quality porcelain tiles; sink: Italian granite composite.
  • Single-lever mixer for top-mounted drawers and baskets.
  • Mats included; soft closing system
  • Cutlery tray in drawer: wood
Platres - the choice of kings
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