Petit Palais Hotel

Panayias Faneromenis 112, 4820, Pano Platres - Excellent location - view in map
Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel Petit Palais Hotel

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3 floors
32 rooms
35 km
Petit Palais Hotel
The Petit Palais Platres Hotel proudly opened its doors in the summer of 2020.

The team that came together to create the new Petit Palais are like-minded people who approach each project professionally and seriously.

The restoration of a famous hotel with a grandiose history has become a great responsibility for everyone. It was important for everyone not only to build beautiful comfortable rooms, but to create a special space in Platres, where the atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and sincere service would make everyone remember every moment, the smiles of the hotel staff and leave the desire to return for positive emotions.

Today the hotel is full, the number of good wishes and positive reviews is growing every day, the result of the joint quivering work has far exceeded all possible expectations.

Another important goal was to participate in the formation of Platres - a popular destination not only among a certain category of citizens, but also to show the young active generation that this region is underestimated and very promising.

The hotel is located on the central street of Platres village, at the crossroads of two main roads passing through Pano Platres.

Inspired by the history of the hotel and Platres (1936), PROPERTY GALLERY, the multi-award-winning development company, has partnered with Lazarou & Michael Architects to create a place of warmth, comfort and coziness that is becoming the most popular mountain boutique hotel in Cyprus.

The mixture of modern interiors with the traditional character of the building is transferred from the drawings and ideas of the architect to real life. The hotel is operated and managed by the qualified and experienced hospitality company George Tsanos Group (1972).

The Petit Palais Platres Hotel is a place to visit at any time of the year, day of the week and mood.


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Cyprus Property Gallery Project in the mountains of Platres
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Petit Palais Platres Hotel

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