Robo Markets AEL - Property Gallery APOLLON 2-3 (25-18, 25-21,24-26, 24-26, 08-15)

Property Gallery Apollo

The champions won 2-0 showing control of the semifinal. However, with a long counterattack, Property Gallery Apollon, which was hit by a coronavirus on Sunday, reacted and overturned the score by winning.

Clearly the lead for the Final belongs to the Property Gallery Apollon that will host the replay on Saturday, April 24 at its headquarters. The "Amazons" can qualify with any victory. Robo Markets AEL is looking for a 3-0 or 3-1 victory in the neighboring "APOLLON ARENA" to qualify. The 3-2 victory leads to the qualification to a "golden" set.

The champions were better in the first set and led 1-0, winning 25-18 in 25 '.

The second set was equivalent with the "blue-yellows" escaping 13-10, but the "blues" equalizing 14-14. Robo Markets AEL managed to control the pace and led 21-17 to complete the set winning 25-21 in 21 'and "recorded" the 2-0 in the derby.

Awesome start for Robo Markets AEL in the third set when they were ahead 05-01. Almost immediately, however, the Apollo Property Gallery tied at 05-05 and was ahead 08-09.

The champions, however, did not let the "glaziers" escape and were ahead 11-10. The third set was interesting with Robo Markets AEL escaping 17-14 and the status not changing then 20-17.

The players of Giannis Giapanis reacted and led 20-22. However, Robo Markets AEL equalized 23-23 the set that was judged on the extra points with the "blues" winning 24-26 in 30 'and reducing to 2-1 sets.

The Apollo Property Gallery started with a foray into the fourth set when it preceded 01-05 and was stimulated psychologically. The champions, however, showed a pulse and turned the data upside down after leading 10-09.

The Limassol derby went point by point with Robo Markets AEL leading 17-15, but Property Gallery Apollon found a way to lead 21-23. The set led to extra points with the "Amazons" prevailing 24-26 in 30 'and tying the first semifinal in 2-2 sets.

Robo Markets AEL led 04-03 in the fifth set, but the "Amazons" of Property Gallery Apollon led 05-09 with the change of field and took the "upper hand". The "blues" were ahead 06-11 and 07-13 and became the favorite of the set and clearly of the first semifinal. The players of G. Giapanis became the "boss" for the qualification, after winning the tie-break with 08-15 in 16 'and the match with 2-3 sets.