Rules for entering Cyprus


In holidays in Cyprus in 2022, the coronavirus has made its own adjustments. In connection with the pandemic, the influx of tourists to the island has significantly decreased, among which the bulk were residents of the post-Soviet space.

To prevent the spread of covid-19, the government introduced a number of restrictions, which included wearing masks, testing, vaccination, and quarantine measures for visitors. Also, before entering, it was necessary to fill out a form on the Cyprus Flight Pass and upload a vaccination certificate or test results.

All these restrictions, although they were necessary to maintain health, significantly complicated the life of a tourist. Today, the entry rules have changed, much to the delight of vacationers.

Starting from June 2022, Cyprus will again accept tourists from other countries. The island is no longer under strict coronavirus restrictions.

What changed:

  • for entry you do not need a certificate confirming the passage of vaccination, or a negative test;
  • the requirement to wear a mask remained only in medical facilities;
  • you do not need a Cyprus Flight Pass to visit public places;
  • the restriction on the occupancy of public places has been lifted;
  • It is recommended to take out health insurance covering the risks of covid-19.

The rules for visiting the island are back to pre-Covid times. As before, a visa is required to stay on the territory of the island state.

Previously, travelers could apply for a pro-visa electronically - it was issued for direct flights. Since there is no direct communication between Cyprus and the Russian Federation now, the issuance of pro-visas has ceased. To enter the country, you will need a tourist visa or a Schengen visa. Get ready for a connecting flight - this is the only way to get to the island. They may be in Egypt or the UAE.

In 2022, Cyprus is open to tourists from the post-Soviet space. Many pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, Sputnik V vaccination is recognized, curfews have been lifted and mandatory quarantine for tourists has been lifted.

At the same time, it is now possible to get to the island only with transfers, for example, in Cairo, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, in connection with this, electronic pro-visas are no longer issued. For a stay, a tourist, visitor or transit visa is sufficient, which must be issued before the trip. It will now take more time to receive the document, as well as the flight itself. But you can relax, enjoy beautiful landscapes, visit museums, restaurants, shops without restrictions.

Vaccination and covid test

Consider the main points that tourists need to go through before visiting Cyprus:

  • Visa

A prerequisite for entering the country is a visa. To obtain a residence permit in the Mediterranean state, you must provide:
- international passport;
- a copy of the main page of the passport;
- photograph 3 x 4 cm;
- a completed application form;
- copies of air tickets, which indicate the route of travel to Cyprus and back.

For children, copies of the birth certificate, copies of the parents' passports, where there is information about the child, are provided. If children are traveling accompanied by third parties - the consent of the parent or guardian.
Since the issuance of pro-visas has been discontinued due to the cancellation of communication between countries, it is possible to issue a national Cypriot or Schengen visa. If you plan to travel to several countries, you need to get a multiple entry visa.

  • Vaccination and covid test

After the lockdown was announced in Cyprus, April 2022 became the starting point for easing anti-covid measures. The state recognizes vaccination with European vaccines, as well as Sputnik V. From now on, it is possible to visit the country after vaccination with a confirming certificate or by providing a negative PCR test. A pass, which is needed to visit public places, can be issued online.
Starting from July, the country has returned to the pre-Covid time - now tourists are not required to be vaccinated, tested and quarantined upon arrival.

  • Insurance

Before departure, it is imperative to take out medical insurance, which will cover the costs in case the tourist needs treatment. It is recommended that you take out insurance that covers the risks associated with COVID-19 to protect yourself and avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Flights

It is better to book plane tickets well in advance of departure in order to choose the most advantageous offer. Since there are no direct flights from the Russian Federation to Cyprus, you will have to take the option with a transfer in Egypt or the UAE. The flight will take longer, but for the price you can find good options.
If there is no reference to a specific date, it is better to start searching for the cheapest tickets. You can set the optimal search parameters to find the right option for traveling alone, as a couple or as a family.

  • Housing

Book apartments in advance through a trusted company. Various types of housing are available for short and long term rental: apartments, bungalows, villas, cottages.
Houses on the beach during the tourist season will cost the most, the most expensive resort is Limassol, in Paphos or Larnaca you can rent a property cheaper. Entrust the search for housing to the specialists of the Property Gallery, you can get acquainted with the options available for rent on the website.

Having taken care of all these points in advance, you can safely enter the island and spend your holidays in Cyprus without restrictions.

Is Cyprus open?

After Cyprus was closed, June 2022 brought global changes. Today, the island welcomes tourists and offers even more opportunities for a good holiday. Of the changes that the traveler will have to face:

  • Closed air communication between the Russian Federation and Cyprus. You will have to get to the island with transfers through the UAE, Serbia and other countries.
  • Pro-visas that could have been obtained under the simplified procedure are no longer issued. Tourist entry to Cyprus will open a national visa.
    You don't need to be vaccinated. You don't need to be vaccinated to visit the country. PCR tests, rapid tests are also not needed. Cyprus is open to foreigners without the restrictions that were in place during the lockdown.
  • To obtain permission to visit the country, you need to provide a passport, air tickets, confirm solvency and book accommodation for the duration of the holiday. Holders of a national visa of Cyprus, Schengen, as well as national visas of Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania can enter.

The country is recovering after a long lockdown that hit the tourism sector. Foreigners arriving on the island do not need to adhere to the quarantine regime, according to the latest information from the authorities.

Tourists can freely move around the island, visit public places without a test and special permission. Wearing masks applies only to medical institutions, in all other cases this requirement is a thing of the past.

Trip to Cyprus

Cyprus for tourists is an attractive Mediterranean country with picturesque landscapes, warm climate, rich history and diverse national cuisine. People from all over the world come here all year round.

The easing of the lockdown has led to an increase in the flow of tourists, who can now enjoy nature, visit attractions and go to public places without restrictions. Before the trip, you need to pre-book accommodation for the duration of the holiday. It is better to entrust this task to the Property Gallery specialists, who will select the appropriate option, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the client.

The most popular holiday destinations in Cyprus:

  • Limassol

One of the most popular resorts on the island, located on the bay. It has a developed infrastructure, attracts with historical sites and beach holidays.
The city will be comfortable for Russian-speaking tourists, as many signs and signs are in Cyrillic, and the hotel staff is fluent in Russian. Limassol offers an abundance of entertainment for tourists of all ages, traveling alone, with family or company. Housing here is quite expensive, especially houses on the beach, but their cost is justified by the beautiful view and the feeling of freedom.

  • Larnaca

The city is located next to the main airport of Cyprus on the shores of the bay of the same name. It attracts with ancient history and unusual architecture. Larnaca offers tourists a relatively affordable holiday. Living here is cheaper than in Limassol, renting an apartment will be inexpensive. Here you can rent an apartment, a bungalow near the sea or a luxury villa.

  • Pathos

One of the prestigious resorts of Cyprus, located on the coast. Keeps ancient culture and many legends, impresses with ancient architecture and rich history.
Tourists are offered entertainment for every taste - from a relaxing beach holiday to active pastime on attractions, parties, and bars. Housing available for rent in different price categories. The cost depends on when you are going to go to Cyprus, as well as on the location, area, type of property, rental period.

The Property Gallery website presents real estate options that can be rented before arriving on the island. Employees of the company will help you find housing on the beach in any region of the country, taking into account the budget, type of holiday, property category, number of floors, number of bedrooms, the availability of developed infrastructure and other parameters.