They achieved the most important victory

Apollo Property Gallery

Anorthosis showed again that no one could win it easily and could win the third set.

However, the Famagusta team relied again on the young Irene Ioannou, while she competed again without the experienced Estonian Natalia Bratanhina. Property Gallery Apollo won the first set 25-17 in 22 minutes and led 1-0.

In the second set, the two teams went 10-10 up, but G.Y.'s girls went up and got away 21-14. Gradually, however, Anorthosis reduced it to -3 23-20 giving new interest to the set.

In the end, the Lemesianes managed to get the two points they needed by winning 25-20 in 24 minutes, increasing to 2-0 sets.

Anorthosis came in very strong in the third set and led 02-06. But Property Gallery Apollon reduced it to -1 with its own 06-00 (08-09) in a derby-time set.

The two teams were tied 11-11 and anything was possible. Anorthosis then managed to lead by as many as three points 12-15, 14-17 and seemed to have the upper hand.

But Apollo Property Gallery came back and tied it 19-19 while overtaking 21-19 in a big set. Coach G. Yapani's team became favorites when they led 23-21.

But everything remained fluid after Anorthosis reduced the point to 24-23. Property Gallery Apollo took the big win with 3-0 and the set with 25-23 in 30'.

Property Gallery APOLLON (G. GYPANIS): Lavruk, Jordan, Konstantinou, Perez, Lambrou, Ventura – Libero 1: Christoforou, Libero 2: Zakchaio – Changes:

ANORTHOSIS (AL. BOSCOVIC): Vassiliou, Caetano, Charalambous, Zebyla, Ioannou, Riala – Libero: David.


1. Robo Markets AEL (13) 12-01 36-06 36

2. Apollo Property Gallery (14) 11-03 37-13 34

3. Olympiad N. (14) 10-03 34-17 28

4. Anorthosis (15) 07-08 26-27 21