When he got ahead… "cleaned"

Property Gallery Apollo

Property Gallery Apollon from time to time showed very good data, while the new AEK has many potential and if it repeats the appearance of the first and second set will have a successful season.

The two teams entered the new season exceptionally well. Impressions were shared in the early stages of the first set. Property Gallery Apollon was ahead 03-05, but AEK tied 08-08. The "yellow-greens" increased their performance and were ahead 15-12. Tsagaridou's team was more efficient and escaped and another 19-15 and 22-17 showing the favorite for the set. Property Gallery Apollon reduced to three 23-20, but AEK kept and in 32 'won the very nice set 25-21 writing 1-0.

The second set started completely balanced with the two teams keeping pace 04-04. AEK, as in the first set, was ahead (09-07) acquiring psychology. Property Gallery Apollon managed to lead 12-13 in an excellent set. AEK tied 14-14 in a set for "strong nerves". The "blues" finally got what they wanted by winning 18-25 in 27 ', tying the derby of the premiere to 1-1.

G. Giapanis' team got psychology and in the third set they were ahead 04-08 with Ms. Tsagaridou calling for a time-out. Property Gallery Apollon was impressive in the third set and kept increasing the difference that reached 11 points 09-20, with the coach of AEK withdrawing the Georgian international Ulumberashvili. The team of Limassol turned the data in 24 'after winning 14-25 and formed the 1-2 set in "Kition".

In the decisive fourth set the two teams started with the goal of prevailing 03-03, but Property Gallery managed to lead 03-06 showing better pressing in the set. The "blues" kept the upper hand but the "yellow-greens" were in the set that was a derby again. A 00-04 streak brought the Apollo Property Gallery to +4 08-12 at a focal point of the set. The players of Giapanis took over and escaped even more, creating a double - score 08-16. Property Gallery Apollon set up winning conditions with the score at 09-21 to take the set with 09-25 in 22 'and the match with 1-3 sets.

AEK (S. TSAGGARIDOU): Ulumberashvili, Charalambous, Stylianou, LeMay, Hadjipetrou, Dimitriou - Libero: Mosfilioti - Changes: Larkou.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Konstantinou, Lambrou, Kriskova, Ventura, Lavruk, Iordanous - Libero: Christoforou.