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With his announcement, the volleyball player Apollon wishes good luck to Katerina Zakhaiou for her transfer to the Italian Cuneo

Property Gallery Apollo


The management of the Property Gallery Apollon and in general the whole world of our club, wants to wish good luck to our, Katerina Zakhaiou, who is taking the big step in her career, by transferring to Italian Cuneo.

We are sure of Katerina's success, as she is a fighting girl, who learned to work hard from a very young age, to achieve her goals, without being stopped by any obstacle in front of her.

Her transfer to the best championship in the world, gives us great joy and at the same time pride, because one of our children, who took her first steps in our Apollo, reaches this high level, through the hard work she did all these years.

Good luck Katerina and make Italy talk like you did Greece all these years.