Apollon with top air, AEL with difficulty, Anorthosis "double" in the refugee derby

Проперти Галлери Аполло

Property Gallery Apollon secured a safety difference from the beginning in the first set 02-07 and 07-18 to close the set with 12-25 in 21 '.

In the second set, the "blues" continued at the same pace, forming 08-15 to win 09-25, writing the 0-2 set. In this set, Mr. Zimarakis (UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou) and Mr. Giapanis (Property Gallery Apollon) used the bench players a lot.

Property Gallery Apollon entered decisively in the third set and led 01-05. The Limassol team formed the 06-15. The players of G. Giapanis made it 08-21 and won with 09-25 in 20 ′.

UCLan Cyprus THOI AVGOROU (D. ZYMARAKIS): E. Zymaraki,, Antoniou, Charalambous, Efstathiou, Michail, Libero: Papadopoulou. - Changes: Karyou, Louka, Kaiki, Christou.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Iordanous, Ventura, Lavruk, Perez, Konstantinou - Libero 1: Christoforou, Libero 2: Zakhaiou - Changes: Lambrou, Simanovski, Efstathiou, Symeou, Lefkiou.

Difficult but precious victory

Robo Markets AEL - LEMESOS VOLLEYBALL 3-0 (25-19, 25-21, 25-17)

Robo Markets AEL achieved a difficult but invaluable victory that keeps it at the top equal to the Property Gallery Apollon. In the "mini" Limassol derby that took place on Tuesday, January 19 at the "NIKOS SOLOMONIDIS" Sports Center, he won the hard-fought and equal in points of the Lemesos Volleyball match with 3-0 sets. The match was excellent with Robo Markets AEL being imposed due to quality and because the Lemesos Volleyball team lost touch with the score in the end. The team of A. Spyros showed exceptional elements, putting the "blue-yellows" in a very difficult position.

Robo Markets AEL escaped 11-05 in the first set, but the "pinks" reduced 12-09. The match was excellent with Lemesos Volleyball tying 17-17. The "blue and yellows" managed to escape with 4 points 21-17 to impose themselves with difficulty with 25-19 in 27 'writing the 1-0 set. The "blue-yellows" entered the second set suspiciously and were ahead 09-04. The "pink", however, reduced again to three 11-08 but temporarily after Robo Markets AEL escaped 14-09. The team of A. Spyros with the philosophy of changes reduced to 18-17 points, making the set a derby. The "blue-yellows", however, managed to overcome the difficulties and increase to 23-18, finally winning 25-21 in 25 ', writing the 2-0 set.

The third set in its initial stages was ambiguous with both teams going 06-06. Lemesos Volleyball stayed close until 14-12, but the players of St. Masia with an outburst of duration cleared the set after securing a difference of seven points 22-15 to finally win 25-17 in 25 'and the match with 3-0 sets. Robo Markets AEL (ST. MASIAS): Katsounotou, Stedile, Pechlivani, Pavlou, Da Silva, Spyrou - Libero: St. Konstantinou - Changes: Gryban - Stefanidi. LEMESOS VOLLEYBALL (Α.ΣΠΥΡΟΥ): Ε. Μιχαήλ, Σίσκου, Summer, Κονσταντινίδου, Bojianu B., Αzevedo. - Libero 1: A. Michael, Libero 2: Karaoli - Changes: Bojianu R., Konstantopoulou, Laspou, Sidera.

Great double in the refugee derby

ANORTHOSIS - NEAPOLE OLYMPIAD 0-3 (19-25,19-25, 20-25)

The Olympiada N. achieved a great double in the refugee derby on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. The team of Giannis Nikolakis in the 12th match day defeated Anorthosis at the Anorthosis Sports Center with 0-3 sets in 74 '.

With its victory, the team of G. Nikolakis claims an even better placement from the 3rd place at the end of the regular season. Anorthosis lost the opportunity to reduce the distances from the top and primarily from its opponent while remaining in 4th place.

The derby in the early stages justified the expectations with the two teams alternating in the lead 08-07 (Anorthosis), 08-09 (Olympiada). In the middle of the set, Olympiada prevailed, made the +5 15-20 which was decisive for the outcome of the set which it secured with 19-25 in 22 '. The 0-1 for the team of Naples was a fact.

The two teams alternated in the lead and at the beginning of the second set. But the Olympics again found a way to escape with four 08-12 at a crucial point. Anorthosis, however, was in the set and reduced to 2 12-14 with coach G. Nikolakis calling for a time-out.

Olympiada did not panic and took the reins of the set 17-22 again to be imposed again 19-25 in 26 'securing "air" two sets. A real derby took place in the third set. Olympiada led 02-05, but Anorthosis had the will to take the set and almost always had the lead until 17-16. From there on, G. Nikolakis' team got a "cushion" of three points 17-20, but the "Big Lady" reduced it again to 19-20. Olympiada, however, held on, took the set with 20-25 and the match with a great three-pointer 0-3 sets in 26 ' ΑΝΟΡΘΩΣΙΣ (AL. BOSCOVIC): Vassiliou, Caetano, Riala, Charalambous, Ioannou, Zembyla - Libero: Daid - Changes: Βratunhina. OLYMPIADA N. (G. NIKOLAKIS): Petrou, Mudrytskaya, Cudworth, Manitarou, Leonidou, Hudima. - Libero: Box - Changes: Donchuk.

The rating After the matches of the 12th round, the score was as follows: 1. Property Gallery Apollo (10) 09-01 29-06 27 2. Robo Markets AEL (10) 09-01 27-05 27 3. Olympiada N. (10) 08-02 25-09 23 4. Anorthosis (10) 05-05 19-16 16 5. AEK (10) 03-07 10-22 09 6. Lemesos Volleyball (11) 02-09 07-27 05 7. UCLan Cyprus ΘΟΙ Αυγόρου (11) 00-11 01-33 00