Villa on Cyrus in Limassol: a profitable investment in real estate by the sea plus EU citizenship

Villa on Cyrus in Limassol: a profitable investment in real estate by the sea plus EU citizenship

Cyprus: villa by the sea - the home you've always dreamed of

Villa in Cyprus by the seaThose for whom a home is not just a place to live, but a space of comfort and inspiration, choose housing in the luxury segment. Unlike townhouses and cottages, villas are usually custom built. Moreover, when buying a villa under construction, the developer takes into account the wishes of the new owner in terms of finishing the premises. The original architectural solution plus the skillful design of the adjacent territory - and the building acquires a unique look, demonstrating the excellent taste and style of its owner. The land plot can be "upgraded" according to your preferences, for example, to set up a luxurious flower garden or arrange a playground for children.

If you are looking for a safe and respectable environment for yourself and your children, then the Cyprus villas by the sea will provide you with it. Warm sea climate, Mediterranean cuisine, friendly society, rich cultural and business life - in a word, the island provides all the opportunities for a fulfilling life and business. You will be surrounded by prosperous neighbors, and there will not be too many of them: the size of the land plots implies a comfortable distance between neighboring houses. You can choose a villa where predominantly Russians live, or prefer the neighbors from European countries (by the way, this will provide you with excellent language practice).

Villa in Limassol as an investment instrument

Villa on Cyrus in LimassolThe favorable location of the island - at the crossroads of the Mediterranean sea routes - and the competent government policy to attract investors have made Cyprus an excellent option for real estate investments. In addition to places that are already popular with tourists and businessmen, new areas are emerging where active construction is underway - not only residential real estate, but also commercial. Buying a villa in such an area, especially during the construction phase, can be a profitable investment. If you do not intend to live in your new home all year round, you can rent out your villa for additional income.

A significant bonus that attracts non-EU citizens to Cyprus is a Cyprus passport (and, accordingly, EU citizenship) for real estate buyers in the amount of 2 million euros or more. What is important, not only the buyer himself receives citizenship, but also his family, including his spouse, children and parents. At the same time, the owner is exempted from passing the English / Greek examination, he is not obliged to live on the island, must not renounce another citizenship and is not restricted in movement. No other EU member state provides such favorable conditions.

The government of Cyprus is not limited to existing investment programs and periodically adopts new laws to attract funds from foreign residents to the island's economy. There is a preferential tax regime for new citizens - it applies to both property owners and residents doing business in Cyprus. Having received citizenship for the purchase of real estate, you have the right to sell your villa in Limassol after a few years, leaving only housing worth 500 thousand euros in lifetime ownership.