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YOO Limassol Villas
YOO LIMASSOL INSPIRED BY STARCK is the first branded residential project of the world famous French designer Philippe Starck in Cyprus.

Philippe Starck is the brightest personality and one of the most provocative gurus in world design, according to many experts and his fans.

Starck is not limited to certain areas in his work. He creates, no matter how loud it sounds, almost everything - from everyday items and interiors, clothing, various gadgets, medals of the Olympic Games, loved by all furniture without exception, ending with unique yachts and conquered the whole world with functional, bright, different from all possible buildings (Philippe designs residential and commercial properties around the world).

Stark's first project in Russia was the shocking luxury restaurant Bon, solemnly opened in 2006 in the heart of the capital. This was followed by the residential complex "Breathing".

Property Gallery became the first company in Cyprus and throughout the Mediterranean that Philippe Starck chose as a partner for his coastal project.

Moreover, YOO LIMASSOL is Starck's first project in 13 years to be named "Yoo inspired by Starck".
2-3 Floors
81 Villas
50 meters to the sea
Limassol - Pyrgos On the map
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YOO Limassol Villas
Aurora Residences
Aurora Residences VILLA VILLA VILLA is a compact and very cozy gated residential complex surrounded by greenery, marked by European experts and awarded the INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY AWARD - "BEST DEVELOPMENT CYPRUS" (the best project in Cyprus).

The location of the project is one of its main advantages - in the best area of ​​Limassol, just a few steps from the sandy beach of 5 * hotels "Londa" and "Apollonia".

This unique project has been designed to provide you with the comfort and luxury you could only dream of.

Aurora Residences consists of: 12 two-bedroom townhouses ranging in size from 108 to 114 m2 and plots ranging from 79 to 153.5 m2, 1 duplex apartment and 2 luxury villas.

Maisonettes and apartments overlook a well-kept green area and a uniquely shaped pool with a large patio. The villas have their own separate, private pool.

2 + Roof Garden
15 Houses
500m from the sea
Limassol - Germasogeia On the map
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Aurora Residences
Venera Villas

The project consists of 7 villas with the roof gardens and basements and a block with twelve 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with spacious verandas. Located a stone’s throw from the azure waters of the Mediterranean, just off Limassol’s main tourist beachfront road in Germasogeia, Venera Residences are ideal for holiday homes. The complex offers unique facilities, including a swimming pool for adults and children, washrooms and showers in the pool area, a playground and a gazebo.

Only few locations in Limassol can offer you the exhilarating experience of being so intimately close to the Mediterranean beach and the same time offer easy access to the tourist area of Limassol.

This unique project has been designed to provide you with the comfort and luxury that you desire. It is located just 200 meters from the most spectacular beaches of Apollonia Hotel 5*.

2 floors
7 Villas
280m from the sea
Limassol - Germasogeia On the map
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Venera Villas
Pissouri Forest Park

Pissouri Forest Park project ideally nestled on the highest hilltop of Pissouri village overlooking Pissouri Bay, one of the best beaches on the island. Just off the main Pafos

to Limassol road, next to Pissouri National Century Park - National treasure of Cyprus.


The Pissouri Forest Park project comprises of 25 two and three bedroom Villas together with 13 two and three bedroom Bungalows. All units cater open plan living, dining &

kitchen areas with private swimming pool surrounded with extensive outdoor patio & gardens.

Pissouri Forest Park benefits from the adjacent Pissouri Century Park.

A dedicated environmental centre incorporating elements of education, conservation and entertainment in the middle of a rare Mediterranean coastal pine forest.

When you’re in the country, enjoy it to its full potential.

The view of this residence offers all the inspiration one could ever want. A picture-perfect landscape.

Enjoy your private garden, the swimming pool area and embrace the country charm.

A relaxed and quiet retreat, unwind in these graceful homes away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

Pissouri Forest Park was awarded the European Property Awards in 2008. 

Architecture of the houses combines traditional Cyprus architecture and modern design – there are partial external stone finishes alongside with cutting-edge ideas of internal and external decorations.
Pissouri Forest Park is a complex of houses in an ecologically clean area, in the famous village resort of Pissouri, which despite its proximity to Pafos, is in fact a community belonging to the Limassol district. It is a natural sight of Cyprus and probably the only village by the seaside in Cyprus that kept its original architecture and atmosphere. It is located between Limassol and Paphos only 20 minutes drive from both cities (there are no traffic jams in Cyprus!). Pissouri is at the top of the hill (250 m above the sea level) with a marvellous view of the coastline.

Many buildings here are built using natural stone. In the centre there are governmental offices, banks, small shops, restaurants and bars. The village square is the favourite place for locals and tourists.
Farming (wine-making) is the main source of income of the residents of Pissouri. Grape plantations of Pissouri are recognised as the best on the island. The area is full of fragrant greens, the gorgeous views are caressing your eyes and an incredibly cosy bay hides the beach from the winds. Columbia Beach Resort Hotel (5 stars) is located within the range of the bay offering any type of sports, use of conference halls, fitness club.

Pissouri beach has been awarded the Blue Flag – a unique European certificate of quality, which is annually awarded based on the tests of water and sand cleanliness. Clean air, quietness and pleasures of life are free. Even during the hottest month of August here you will find a cool breeze!

Do you think that a house in the village even if it is in Cyprus shouldn’t cost much? We absolutely agree with you.

Location description

Our complex of houses are located at the exit from the village of Pissouri. It rests on the top hill adjacent to the biggest (7,5 hectare) National park in Cyprus – Century Park. A walk in the park will give aesthetic pleasure and will at the same time be educational. Here you will make an excursion into the history of Cyprus at the stations depicting handicrafts of the villagers in the past and nowadays. Specially positioned information board will show flora and fauna map of Cyprus. Your kids may play at the playgrounds and after that the whole family may go to the lake to enjoy the shade of the trees around. Your pets may walk together with you and nobody will ever reproach you with damaging ecology – there is a dogs’ toilet here. If you want to cook meat on the charcoal – there are specially equipped places in the park. There will be everything for a good rest and sports in the Century Park.

A stunning natural beauty of location, not ruined by the time but with all the advantages of an international resort, makes Pissouri village an attractive tourist destination and choice of residence. Offices, banks, small shops, restaurants and bars are found in this little, but yet, flourishing place.

2 floor
25 villas / 13 bungalows
2000m from the sea
Limassol - Pissouri On the map
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Pissouri Forest Park
Majestic Villas

Agios Tychonas, a picturesque town on the outskirts of Limassol, set above the Limassol - Nicosia highway. This quiet residential area offers enchanting panoramic sea views and easy access to the city centre. Agios Tychonas makes it an ideal place for such deluxe properties, as its attracted an abundance of upper class family mansions, making the area the ultimate habitat location. 

The "Majestic Villas" is a collection of 7 superb villas, placed within their extensive landscaped gardens and impressive overflow swimming pools what blend with horizon. The mansions are set upon a mountain side commanding the breathtaking 180º vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Majestic Collection confirms the true value of space and comfort. Privacy, spaciousness and exclusivity are the main distinguishing features of these panoramic villas The Mediterranean is visible from everywhere. The exterior architecture features balconies and complex volumes that defy gravity, transforming the play of light and shadow into a well-organized landscape space. The main entrance to the villa is located on the north side, with the garden, terrace, lawn and pool facing the sea. Majestic sea views emphasizing the supremacy of a luxury home.

2 floors
7 Villas
4000m from the sea
Limassol - Agios Tychonas On the map
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Majestic Villas
Le Platres Chalet

Platres is a place, since ancient times, marked by the kings of different countries as the best corner of Cyprus with crystal clear mountain air and endlessly beautiful views of the green hills. If you have ever seen pictures and photographs of the powerful cascading waterfalls of Cyprus, then these are exactly the waterfalls that are located in the amazing and variously impressive Platres. Did you know that the world famous Shakespeare, Lorenz Darell, Daphne Du Mourier and Seferis wrote about Cyprus, getting inspiration in cozy Platres.

Sea or mountains? In the last century, the preference was always given to the latter: vacationers arrived at the port of Limassol, left it in their luxurious cars and drove them to Platres, a calm, quiet and popular among the high society of that time. Already on the way to Platres, stunning views, a winding road, green tops of fir trees create a special atmosphere and set you up for a carefree beautiful vacation.On the way, we came across small picturesque villages, the kind friendly inhabitants of which with smiles treated them to homemade local sweets and fresh fruits.

If you go back to our days, then today Platres remains a popular holiday destination and even permanent residence in Cyprus. Most of the locals own summer cottages in Platres, more successful and far-sighted - they managed to purchase several properties in Platres, which are always, year-round, in great demand for rent and sale. Platres is cool and sultry in summer, amazingly beautiful in spring, autumn and winter. Just 20 minutes drive from Limassol - and you are surrounded by lush greenery and various sounds of the nature of Platres.

Be sure to stop at the popular Trimiklini market for many years, where you can buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, honey and nuts, teas. In addition to the village market, in Platres you can find everything and all the best - from real thick hot chocolate to a charming, cozy, multifaceted hotel with the most sincere service and delicious cuisine - Petit Palais Platres Boutique Hotel. That is why Platres was chosen to create the Le Platres Chalet project.

2 floors
19 Villas
35km from the sea
Limassol - Platres On the map
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Le Platres Chalet
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