Real Estate from Top Construction Companies in Limassol.

Best construction companies in Limassol

Buying real estate on the sunny island of Cyprus is both a profitable investment and a unique opportunity to make your dream of your own home by the sea come true. The Republic remains one of the most attractive among foreign buyers of real estate. The second largest group of investors is Russians who began to invest their savings in local villas and houses back in the 1990s. Much has changed in the market over the years, but real estate in Cyprus is still in high demand. 

Favorable climate, developed infrastructure, low crime rate, as well as constant air traffic to mainland Europe and other countries attract buyers. An investor also gets the opportunity to obtain local citizenship in a short time to study, work, and travel visa-free in the EU member-states.

Some regions in the Republic of Cyprus are the most popular among foreigners seeking to buy real estate. The list includes the resort city of Limassol, recognized as the second largest one. It offers a well-developed infrastructure and many interesting business opportunities. To buy a villa or a house in Limassol, you need to get the assistance of local construction companies. Top construction companies in Cyprus offer a wide range of different types of housing, as well as assist foreign investors in obtaining documents and mortgages. 

Real estate types in Limassol

The housing market in Limassol is no different from other regions of the Republic offering the following options.

  1. Studio apartments. This category includes small apartments with one room combining a bedroom, living room, and kitchen separated from the rest of the room by a bar counter.
  2. Apartments. The area of this housing in Limassol is calculated by the number of bedrooms. Such apartments are popular mainly among locals. They can be standard, multi-level, as well as the so-called "ground-floor" (located on the ground floor).  
  3. Penthouses. This type of property in Cyprus, and Limassol in particular, means apartments located on the top floor of a luxury house with access to the terrace. 
  4. Maisonettes. This is a house designed for 2 families with two separate entrances, as well as a living room, dining room, several bedrooms, shared parking, and a swimming pool.
  5. Bungalows. This category includes small detached summer houses. As a rule, they have no heating and thermal insulation. 
  6. Houses. The area is also calculated by the number of bedrooms. The house in Limassol comes with a land plot, parking, or a terrace. 
  7. Townhouses. This category of real estate in Cyprus, and Limassol in particular, includes large houses for 3-4 families with private parking and adjacent territory. 
  8. Villas. This category differs from the usual houses in Limassol with an increased area. The villas have a spacious adjacent territory, parking for several cars, as well as options to arrange a swimming pool and a terrace. 

Top construction companies in Limassol do not sell all of these types of real estate. The greatest demand is for so-called luxury housing, such as penthouses and villas. 

Penthouse: perfect real estate in Limassol for sophisticated buyers

Top construction companies in Cyprus offer a wide range of such apartments in different parts of the resort city. They are located in elite buildings and prestigious districts. Wealthy investors prefer penthouses to other types of housing due to unsurpassed comfort, spacious rooms with unique design, and magnificent sea views. The apartment, located on the top floor of the building, has access to a shared terrace or private outdoor area. There can be a stylish lounge area or a swimming pool.

Villa: great solution for comfy life with the family

A large luxury house with 1-3 floors offers beach or no-beach options. Villas are distinguished by a separate and spacious land plot of up to 30-40 acres. It is divided into areas for recreation, sports, barbecue, and orchard. 

Top construction companies in Limassol offer both ready-made luxury homes, as well as individual turnkey projects. Only high-quality materials, such as marble and fine wood, are used for the construction of villas.

Maintenance of a villa in Cyprus costs the owners about EUR 2,000 a year. Top construction companies in Limassol install solar panels on the building roofs to save on electricity. Since villas provide year-round living, they are equipped with a heating system to maintain comfort in winter.

House: moving to Cyprus on a budget

Top construction companies in Limassol offer their clients not only luxury villas and penthouses but also comfortable housing at a reasonable price. These include houses with a land plot of 3-10 acres and private parking for 1-2 cars. 

If you buy a house in Limassol worth EUR 300,000 or more, you can get a local residence permit. If the price of housing exceeds EUR 500,000, and the total investment in the local economy via opening a business or purchasing securities reaches EUR 2,000,000, you shall have the opportunity to get the Golden Passport. No language and history exams and permanent residence in Cyprus are required for the investor and his family members to obtain local citizenship in just 6 months upon submitting the documents. 

How to choose real estate in Limassol?

If you decide to buy housing in Cyprus but do not know what option to choose, focus primarily on your budget and purpose of purchase. 

If you would like to buy a house in Limassol for a comfortable living with the whole family, pay attention to the choice of location. Evaluate how much you would like to be in a constant tourist flow and what infrastructure you need. Share your preferences with managers of the construction company. You need a heating system and solar panels for permanent residence in Limassol. If you are planning to buy real estate in Cyprus for your vacations, then check its proximity to the sea. 

The cost of a house in Limassol depends on its location, number of bedrooms, area of the adjacent territory, development of infrastructure, and condition of the building itself. If you make the right choice, this can become a successful investment bringing additional income from the lease or subsequent resale.  

Top construction companies in Limassol: buying a house with maximum benefit

If you are interested in buying real estate in Cyprus, it is important to get professional assistance. Representatives of the construction company will help you overcome the language and legal barrier, choose the best solution to meet your needs. 

You can get the most favorable terms of cooperation when buying real estate in Cyprus and Limassol if you contact P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. The company has more than 18 years of successful experience and is considered one of the best construction companies. P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. offer a wide choice of villas, penthouses, apartments, and houses of different area. It also offers a whole range of related services. 

  1. Legal assistance in transaction. 
  2. Assistance in sale of apartments and houses in Cyprus. 
  3. Lease. 
  4. Interior design.
  5. Landscaping and gardening of adjacent territory. 
  6. Management of real estate in Limassol and other cities of Cyprus.  

The team of experts from P.L. Property Gallery Developers & Constructors Ltd. can help you buy a ready-made house or villa, as well as order a turnkey project. Projects carried out by the construction company combine innovative technologies, impeccable quality, and unique architectural solutions to make the building look stylish and individual.