Apollon won the derby with Anorthosis

Проперти Галлери Аполло

In an excellent match, a real derby equal to the history of the two teams that lasted two hours and 14 'Property Gallery Apollon "escaped" from the Anorthosis Sports Center, beating Anorthosis with 2-3 sets. With their victory, the "blues" added two points to their assets and are at the top with 24 points against 21 of Robo Markets AEL (Property Gallery Apollon has 09 games).

Anorthosis got one point and is in 4th place with 10 points in 7 games. Saturday's match was postponed for the 6th match of the OPAP A Women's Championship.

The game was exciting with Anorthosis leading twice 1-0 and 2-1 and Property Gallery Apollon tying and in the end winning 2-3. The "Big Lady" made a very good appearance while the "blue" showed reaction where it should. The race Property Gallery Apollon got the first two points with Anorthosis equalizing 03-03 and leading 06-05 in the first set. Anorthosis went up and led 13-09. The "Big Lady" continued to have the lead but Property Gallery Apollon reduced to 17-16 with the Serbian coach of Anorthosis Aleksandar Boscovic calling in time-out.

The hosts at a key point of the set maintained the lead 20-17 with the coach of Limassol Giannis Giapanis calling in time-out. Anorthosis managed to finish the set with 25-19 and lead 1-0 in 26 'and take the psychological lead He came back and equalized Property Gallery Apollon tried to control the second set and led 02-04, but Anorthosis returned and led 07-04 with coach G. Giapanis calling for a time-out. The "blues" were also at -4 but reduced to 08-07.

The second set was a real derby with the two teams being tied, but the Property Gallery Apollon leading by two points 11-13. At this point, it was time for Aleksandar Boscovic to call a time-out.

However, the momentum of the set was with the Property Gallery Apollon, which was ahead with four points 13-17. In order to stop the rhythm of the people of Limassol, Al. Boscovic called his own timeout.

However, the players of Giannis Giapanis were not affected and were ahead with five points 15-20 and became the favorite for the set. The "blues" of Limassol maintained the lead, winning 17-25 in 25 ', tying the derby at 1-1.

"Lady" lead Anorthosis entered stronger in the third set previous with 05-01 set, with Mr. G. Giapanis calling in a hurry in time-out. The "Big Lady" seemed to dominate after being at +5 09-04. Property Gallery Apollon, however, reacted by reducing the score to 09-08. Anorthosis, however, managed to take the reins again and escape 16-12 with the coach of Property Gallery Apollon calling for a new time-out to reorganize his team. But Boscovic's volleyball players were better and kept the upper hand 22-15 at a crucial point in the third set. Apollon Property Gallery "stuck" at 15 points and lost contact with Anorthosis. The coach of Limassol "saw" on his bench passing the young E. Symeou in the match in place of Katerina Lambrou. At the same time, he replaced the passer-by Despina Konstantinou with Hatzilampri, while he brought back Simanovski instead of Lavruk. Anorthosis was very stable and won the crucial set with 25-19 in 25 'regaining the lead with 2-1 sets.

Amazon reaction

In the fourth set, Anorthosis was ahead with 03-01 but the reaction of Property Gallery Apollon was immediate, leading with +4 04-08. The coach of Anorthosis called a time-out to stop the rhythm of the Property Gallery Apollo.

The "Big Lady" tried to threaten, but the "amazons" of Giapanis escaped again 08-14 showing that they had the solutions they did not have in the third set.

The image of the set continued with the Property Gallery Apollon having the lead 11-18 "loading with anxiety" Anorthosis. Boscovic's players tried to reduce, took some points and brought the score to -5 14-19. Property Gallery Apollon showed a correct reaction, however, and formed 16-21 and 17-23, creating ideal conditions to secure the set. Property Gallery Apollon got what they wanted after winning the set 18-25 in 24 'and drawing 2-2. The two teams certainly secured a point. In the last stages of the set, coach Boscovic passed the young Marina Christodoulou in the match instead of the leader Kalia Vassiliou and Elena Tsoutsouki instead of Erika Zembyla.

Overthrow and victory

In the tie-break, Anorthosis was ahead 06-03. Property Gallery Apollon, however, reduced 06-05 and the derby continued. The two teams did not want to let the opportunities go to waste in this crucial point for the two points with the Property Gallery Apollon equalizing 07-07. Apollon Property Gallery coach Giannis Giapanis re-introduced Symeou to the game instead of Lavruk.

The set was hanging on a "thread" since with the change of terrain the score was a draw 09-09. The "blues" of Limassol, however, were ahead with 10-13 and became the favorite for the victory which they won with 11-15 in 22 'and the match with 2-3 sets.

ΑΝΟΡΘΩΣΙΣ (AL. BOSCOVIC): Ioannou, Vassiliou, Caetano, Zembyla, Riala, Charalambous - Libero: Daid. - Changes: Christodoulou, Tsoutsouki.

Property Gallery APOLLO (G. GIAPANIS): Ventura, Lavruk, Iordanous, Konstantinou, Ripnaya, Lambrou - Libero: Christoforou. - Changes: Simanovski, Symeou, Hatzilampri.

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, as part of the 11th game, the first of the new year, the Property Gallery Apollon will rest, while Anorthosis travels to Limassol to face the mighty Lemesos Volleyball.

After the derby, and the match of Friday AEK - UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou the score was as follows:

1.Property Gallery Apollo (9) 26-06 24

2.Robo Markers AEL (8) 21-05 21

3.Olympiada N. (8) 19-09 17

4.Anorthosis (7) 13-12 10

5.ΑΕΚ (9) 10-19 09

6.Lemesos Volleyball (9) 06-21 05

7.UCLan Cyprus ΘΟΙ Αυγόρου (8) 01-24 00

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