The results from the female volleyball

Property Gallery Apollo

Limassol are in the "constellation" of the quartet, while AEK retreated again after its fourth defeat in five games.

AEK started the first set more convincingly and was ahead with a small difference 12-09. Progressively, the Apollo Property Gallery went up and tied 13-13 and even brought the ups and downs after leading 15-17. The set was extremely interesting with the "yellow-greens" equalizing 18-18, but the "blues" moving away again 19-23 showing that they had psychology. AEK tried to come back, but Property Gallery Apollon had a way of winning 21-25 in 27 'match and led 0-1 in the score.

The "blues" entered the second set very well and were ahead 03-07. However, the "yellow-greens" reacted and reduced to 12-13 points. Limassol managed and maintained the small lead 18-20 to prevail in 27 '21-25 and "write" 0-2 in Larnaca.

Property Gallery Apollon started the third set impressively and led 00-05. AEK, which played with its "back to the wall", made its own streak reducing 07-08 and managed to lead 12-11 in a very good plot set. Property Gallery Apollon, however, reacted again and led 16-19 and 19-23 to be imposed in 27 '21-25, winning the match with 0-3 sets.

AEK (XR. AMYROTOS): Slankanerac, Scott, N. Stylianou, Ioannou, Charalambous, Dimitriou - Libero: Mosfilioti - Changes:

Property Gallery APOLLO (D. LETSIEV): Petrou, Shaidulina, Saini, Jenkins, Petrou, Zakhaiou, Lambrou - Libero 1: Zakhaiou, Libero 2: Christoforou.

Easy pioneers

"NIKOS SOLOMONIDIS": Robo Markets AEL - OMONIA 3-0 (25-10, 25-12, 25-11)

Robo Markets AEL continues its unerring course. Playing seriously again, the team of Stelios Masia beat Omonia for the 5th game of the OPAP Women's Division A championship with 3-0 sets in one hour of play. Omonia fought again as much as they could but suffered another defeat.

After the 04-04 interval, Robo Markets AEL dominated the first set, leading 20-09 to win 25-10 in 18 'opening the scoring.

The champions were very serious in the second set as well, leading 15-09. Omonia made its effort, but Robo Markets AEL was stable and in 23 'completed the set with 25-12, making it 2-0. The coach of Limassol St. Masias gave the opportunity to his reserves in this set. Robo Markets AEL led 07-01 and 12-02 in the third set, to win comfortably 25-11 in 21 'and the match 3-0 set. Robo Markets AEL (ST. MASIAS): Spyrou, Stedile, Dudnikova, Khatarashvili, Pavlou, Pechlivani - Libero 1: Stefanidou - Gryban, Libero 2: Kokki. - Changes: Fella, Katsounotou, Theodosiou, Economidou.

OMONIA (N. STYLIANIDIS): Papasavva, Kafkaridou, Proovel, Popolitova, Margiola, Maklaski - Libero: Tsirakou. - Changes: Fotiou, Christodoulou, Alexandrou.

Comfortable in its seat

Korantina Homes Paphiakos comfortably beat the incomplete UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou in "Aphrodite" with 3-0 sets in 76 'and remains in the top four. The team of Giannis Giapanis was easily imposed, while UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou had no solutions and remained in 7th place.

"Aphrodite": Korantina Homes PAFIAKOS - UCLan Cyprus ΘΟΙ ΑΥΓΟΡΟΥ 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-14)

Korantina Homes Paphiakos with a new face, the Brazilian Batista, was not particularly threatened in the first set, since from the beginning it had the reins, it got a difference of 10 points to be imposed with 25-16 in 23 '

The team of Paphos, playing nice volleyball, was imposed by the state after escaping in the second set 15-09. Peropoulos 'team tried to stay in the match, but that of Giapanis had the solutions, winning 25-17 in 22' to form the 2-0 set.

UCLan Cyprus THI Avgorou came in live and managed to take the lead 02-04. Korantina Homes Paphiakos came back and led 08-05. Gradually, the difference went up and the Paphitisses won 25-14 in 21 '.

Korantina Homes PAFIAKOS (G. GIAPANIS): Batista, Konstantinou, Melo, Theoti, Da Silva, Iordanous - Libero: Stefanou. - Changes: Christodoulou, Tilley.

UCLan Cyprus THOI AVGOROU (PEROPOULOS): Zimaraki, Jocic, Christou, Michael, Scaric, Efstathiou - Libero: Papadopoulou - Changes: Othonos, Louka.